Bijou Phillips was on the verge of a serious illness recovery. Destiny had dangerously threatened her life, and anything could have happened if the Masterson hadn’t found a kidney donor.

Bijou Phillips husband, on the other hand, faced sexual harassment allegations this year. Bijou Phillips wiki remains incomplete without these details.

How does the couple compensate the bad luck? Bijou Phillips is gradually rejuvenating the transplant and her husband Danny Masterson has been by her side to get rid of the illness.

In this short Bijou Phillips wiki, you will find the details on how she is fighting her illness and how her husband and married life have been a significant part of her fight against the illness.

Bijou Phillips Had A Serious Illness: Survived With The Kidney Doner’s Greatness

Bijou Phillips had a serious illness. After Bijou Phillips daughter’s third birthday celebration, she was hospitalized complaining of fever. The diagnosis came out to be rather fatal. It showed that Bijou had a serious blood infection and the remedy was a kidney transplant.

Bijou Phillips’s husband Danny Masterson issued a statement letting everybody know about her illness and how she struggled since last five years to overcome it. An excerpt from the statement:

Bijou was born with small kidneys and has been quietly with kidney disease for the last five years, including being on the transplant list. In an effort to heal her body she has led a stress-free life with a vegan diet, which eventually wasn’t enough, and she’s been privately having dialysis.

The diet reformation and lifestyle change together also had not worked and the kidney transplant was the only way out. Danny Masterson wife was lucky she had a friend who became the kidney donor for the friend’s life. Millions of thanks for his greatness!!! The couple was able to compensate for the bad luck.

Bijou Phillips Husband Danny Masterson’s Heart-touching Instagram Post After The Transplant

My lady has been slowing dying for the past 7 years of an incurable kidney disease. She was given the gift of an encore by a tall angel. Our daughter will have a mother. We don not take lightly how incredibly fortunate we are.

The entire write up embedded here:

Caption: Danny Masterson’s gratitude for all who defeated Bijou Phillips’s illness

Bijou Phillips Illness Defeated: Grateful To Husband, Donor Friend, And Doctors

Phillips and the Mastersons have finally won the battle against the fatal disease. Bijou Phillips husband Danny Masterson was always by the side. The combined effort of the doctors and the hospital team are all the subject of gratitude. But the greatest share of all goes to the kidney donor friend. Bijou extends her words of acknowledgment:

I feel like a new woman!!!! … My wonderful Giant Viking donor is a gift of a friend, he is so brave, so loving, so kind and my very best friend! Thank you for this wonderful gift of life! … My husband has been such a love and so sweet, this has been so hard for him! He is my sweet prince sleeping in my room and not leaving my side!

The entire post of acknowledgment after the battle against disease is finally over:

Caption: Bijou Phillips survives the fatal disease with a kidney donor friend

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Bijou Phillips Wiki: From Her Parents To Her Age And Children

Bijou Phillips was born on April 1, 1980, in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States. She tried her talent in modeling before she finally fitted herself in acting and singing.

Youtube: Bijou Phillips

She inherited her talent required for the entertainment industry from her parents. Bijou Phillips father John Phillips was a musician and her mother Genevieve Waite was also an actress.

She was married to actor and businessman Danny Masterson in 2011. Phillips husband has always been by her side to overcome her fatal illness. Bijou Phillips and husband Danny Masterson have one daughter whose name is Fianna Francis Masterson.

Bijou Phillips Net Worth

The hardworking and talented, Bijou Phillips has a total of 34 credits in the entertainment industry, and 32 credits are only for acting. She is well known for the big screen movies Almost Famous (2000), Bully (2001), Hostel: Part II (2007), and Havoc (2005).

Youtube: Bijou Phillips on Craig Kilborn

After her recent illness, she had a short setback from the new contracts and deals. Bijou Phillips net worth counts all of the royalty she receives from her previous contributions and her current TV show ‘Raising Hope’ which pays her a huge salary.

As of 2018, Bijou Phillips estimated net worth is $20 million.