Eyes are one of the sensitive and the most delicate organ in the human body. The visual representation and embodiment of life is the gift we receive from our eyes. Dry or itchy eyes most of the time gives the invitation or is associated with the other health conditions like brittle nails, dryness in mucous membrane, digestive asymmetry and the issues with joints.

If you are suffering from one of these complications such as burning, grittiness, unable of reading for quite a time, irritation and dryness in your eyes, then these could be the symptoms of dry eyes.

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Though, when tear glands stop producing enough tears to lubricate your eyes, then we face the situation of dry eyes, but interestingly many doctors claim that the excess and unusual watering or teary eyes are considered as the defense mechanism built by one’s eyes to prevent the ultra-dryness.

Let see how we can find the solution for dry eyes at our home only.


Caption: Treat your dry eyes with omega 3

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Go for the Omega-3 supplement

Many people had found relief and alleviation when they started adding omega-3 fatty acids to their diet. One can get the omega-3 in regular food items such as flax seeds and oily fish. There are many supplements found in the clinic that is known as the omega-3 supplement which you can extract and consume in liquid or pill form.


Caption: Everything needs a break

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Take a break

Usually when you are on your computers doing the necessary and crucial work, watching videos and playing games, then the first and the foremost impact a part of your body gets is your eyes. Thus, dryness of eyes, for most people is the outcome of using an excess computer. It is advisable to take frequent breaks. One of the beneficial exercises is to look away from your computer screen at least every 20 minutes and try to look at something that is 20 feet away.

Caption: Cleanse your eyes and skin properly before heading down towards the dreamland

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Eye makeup is not for bedtime.

Every girl loves putting some makeup, and unless you decorate your eyes with some eyeliner, eyeshadows, and mascara, you are not yet good to go. But, there are always some exceptions who take the love for their eye makeup bit too far by not removing it before heading towards the bed. It disturbs and clogs the opening of the meibomian gland leading an evaporative dry eye. So ladies, please wash out all the traces in your lashes and lids.


Caption: Soothe your eyes with a warm compress

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Warm Compresses

Do not omit the benefits of this simple and efficient method. The dryness in the eyes happens because of the lack in the needed amount of grease; warm compresses help in stimulating the production of tears and fostering the level of circulation in the eyelids. You just need to close your eyes and apply the warm compresses in closed eyelids. Take a clean towel, soak it in the warm water, release the extra water from the towel and place it in the closed eyelids for ten minutes and feel the relief you get.

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Caption: Nothing should come in between you and your sleep-time

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Get enough beauty sleep

Sleep deprivation brings all sorts of complications related to the eyes. Do not take your deep sleep for granted. One of the best timing for your body to relax, quitting thoughts and healing certain ailments on its own is when you sleep.

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Never compromise 7 to 8 hours of sleep for anything if you do not want to see the eye bags or dark circles the very next day. The tired and exhausted eyes get prone to the dryness. Using computers and mobile phones during bedtime causes a lot of strain to your eyes leading it to be unhealthy. Let your eyes relax when it needs to rest.

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Applying green tea or tea bags, setting the moderate lighting of the room, consuming enough antioxidants, cleaning up of the eyelids and blinking more often are some of the accessible procedures to take care of the dried eyes. The proper amount of attention and concern that you give towards the healthfulness of your eyes starts showing up later in your old age. If one starts abdicating and overlooking the well-being of their eyes, then it might even lead to blindness and poor vision in a very early age. Typically, we humans believe that crying is the sign of weakness, but the tears that come out of our eyes not only let us go of the issues and pain we were holding in our heart for so long but also would solve the hazard of dry eyes. It’s time to look at life differently.