Top 5 Tips to Keep your Hair Healthy and Fix their Thinning Edges!

tips to keep your hair healthy

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The mini heart attack you get when you see those falling hairs in your pillow, your bathroom, beetling all over your shirts, and everywhere you go. Ouch! The problem of baldness is observed primarily in men, but this it is not that girls should get the sigh of relief because thinning and excessive drying of hair is the most common issues found in girls which reduce the fettle of their overall charisma.

Everybody goes through it. So, here we bring you the top 5 methods to keep your hair healthy.


Caption: Dry your hair with care

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Be careful while drying your hair

We live in a time where we do not want to be perceived as someone who is clueless and pretty old-fashioned when it comes to being updated about the new trendy hairstyles which for no doubts includes a lot of chemical imposition and needles blow dry in your hair.

But if you dry your hair with care by not rubbing it with terry clothes harshly down from front to back but just by patting and squeezing it with cotton clothes or microfiber towel then this will absorb enough moisture causing the fewer hair breaks.


Caption: Watch out your diet as it will reflect in your hair

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Eat right

Some people think that one needs to eat just to subsist and endure which undoubtedly is the truth. But, our body is composed of many things and those parts need to survive too, so the food we eat is for them equally such as our hair and skin.

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The unbalanced and asymmetrical diet hampers the health of our hair negatively leaving the untimely loss of it and causing baldness. Do not forget to add enough protein and stored iron in your weekly diet. The amino acids and cell proteins found in fish, meats and dark leafy vegetables encourage the steady growth of hair making it appear luminous and silky.

Caption: Massage your scalp to strengthen the hair roots and stimulating the steady hair growth

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Rub your scalp

The head massage and scalp massage are one of those most desirable luxuries by each one of us. Apart from contributing the sense of relaxation the scalp massage circulates the blood flow in a correct mannerism to every corner of our head which is very crucial to get the hair like a celebrity.

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Scrub your scalp very gently with the essential oils to vitalize the growth of skin cells around the hair follicles. There are plenty of YouTube beauty experts who guide you the proper way to massage your scalp with the effective ingredients if you feel too lazy to go out to the nearest parlors.

Caption: Relax and let go, it saves you a lot from excess thinning and falling of hair

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Wave goodbye to stress

It is a big challenge not to get stressed and taxing in this era where everyone is in a rush to fulfill their life goals. The mild and adequate stress is good, but too much of it will start showing up not just in your mood or work but in your health and outlook as well. The fair share of stress is in everyone’s kitty which starts reflecting in your hair through a significant fall or thinning of it. So, it would be a wise decision to work on one’s stress level through yoga, meditations or Pilates.

Caption: change your lifestyle with the change in your hairstyle

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Change your hairstyle

The same mundane and boring tied up hairstyles don’t bring any spark or uniqueness in your overall individuality. Besides, high ponytails, sleek chignons, topknots or buns do look good if you do not overdo it as the health of your bristle starts degrading, and you will start noticing thinned-out edges. Also sticking up to the idea of putting hair extensions for a long time is not suggested as well as it pulls on the hair follicle leading to traction alopecia or hair loss. So, it is advisable to use the hair strengtheners alongside.

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The excess exposure to chemical treatments, too much use of hot hair straighteners, coloring and curling sometimes lead to permanent damage in the quality of your hair which is even worst. When you go out to experiment your hair with different styling where a lot of products are used in your head, then make sure to devote some extra hours in its care and vitality.

If you do not treat them every week or every two weeks, then you are abdicating your hair from the needed nourishment and hydration just to attain the brief best appearance. Some people do have the problem of thin strands genetically or biologically, but this should not let you down as the timely treatment, or many herbal remedies will promise you the better-looking hair if you are disciplined about its well-being.