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Doug Stanhope, with stunning and effective stand-up skills, has attracted a lot of fans. He has risen to fame through his subtle verbal phrasing of not only sex and drugs but also of social and political hypocrisy.

Dough Stanhope is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, author, political activist, and podcast host. Engaging in so many professions, what could be Doug Stanhope’s Net Worth and earnings? Scroll down to explore more about Doug Stanhope’s career, girlfriend, married life, Children, parents, bio-wiki, and more!!!

Is Doug Stanhope Married? Know More about Girlfriend, Dating life and Children

Doug Stanhope might be a married man. Currently, Stanhope is in a relationship with Amy “Bingo” Bingman. He referred to her as his girlfriend and wife. The pair firstly met at around 2005.

The couple is living a healthy and happy life in his Brisbee home in Arizona. Although the duo is in a lovey-dovey relationship, Stanhope frequently stated he and his partner opposed to having children. Likewise in one of his stand-up comedy shows, he cited overpopulation as the reason.

Since both of them are in a committed relationship together for around fourteen years, Doug and his girlfriend might have already married. However, there are no official announcements from the couple themselves. Let’s just hope the pair ties the marital bond soon.

Previously, Stanhope was in a dating affair with girlfriend Besty Wise, a comedian, and former attorney. The two only dated for 18 months.

In 2002, Stanhope married his lover Renee Morrison. The couple staged a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas.

But Doug refers it was “mocking the institution of marriage” and not legally accepting it. At one point, the duo was in an intimate relationship and expecting a child. However, Stanhope got a vasectomy.

How Much Is Doug Stanhope’s Net Worth? His Career

Doug Stanhope is engaged in several professions. So, there is no doubt that, Doug is a millionaire. As of 2019, Doug Stanhope’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Dough Stanhope began his stand-up comedy career in the early 90s at age of 23. He quickly rose to stardom around the US appearing in numerous festivals and events.

Moreover, he won the 1995 San Franciso International Comedy Competition and began his world tour internationally. Later he appeared in small screen and co-hosted The Man Show. Similarly, he appeared in numerous TV programs in both USA and UK.

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Working with such big names like FOX and SIRUS Satellite Radio, the comedian earns a big sum of money. The media personality’s base salary ranges from $87K-$93K. Apart from this, the outstanding personality runs a high rated comedy show. Therefore, he might even have more than this range.

Moreover, his involvement in TV adds good value to his net worth. As he is stand up comedian, Doug Stanhope makes an earning of $12,000 an hour.

In August 2002, the career success helped him win Strathmore Press Award for which he was rewarded with a prize of $1,288.30 (1,000). By the same token, he gained 5-star reviews from the press.

With the rise of his popularity, Stanhope announced A Day with Doug, where an audience can spend the whole day with him just at an average amount of $9,467.63. 

Moreover, he won Time Out New York’s Best Comedy Performance award twice.

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Besides, working as a TV personality, he works, also, as a social worker. In May 2013, he raised $126,000 for women and her family whose home destroyed in the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

Doug Stanhope in Political Activism

On top of that, the comedian, Doug Stanhope also has his involvement in political activities. In 2014, he endorsed Free State Project.

Later in 2012, Stanhope originally supported Republican Ron Paul for 2012, Presidental election, but later endorsed Libertarian Gray Johnson.

Doug Stanhope Podcast, Flims, Books and Albums

Doug  Stanhope runs his own official podcast on his official page. There are over 15.4 million listeners of his podcast. As Dough is a popular podcast, he earns over $50,000 per episodes.

Check Out his Podcast from Doug Stanhope’s YouTube channel:

Currently, his show features up of 294 episodes and 352 posts. Therefore, there is no doubt that his podcast is an active revenue source for him.

Likewise, from his YouTube Channel, stanhopetv, he also added some green dollar bills to his account. The monthly and yearly income from his youtube channel is $13-$201 and $151-$2.4K.

Moreover, from his Twitter account, his estimated monthly and yearly earnings for ads are $13-$201 and $151-$2,4K respectively. Likewise, from his Instagram account, he collects $351.75-$586.25 per ad posts.

Furthermore, he is featured in several movies. As an actor, he collected some bucks to his net worth. The estimated average salary of an actor is $18.50 per hour.

Apart from the limelight, Doug also has engagements in writing and publishing books. As of 2018, he has published three books:

1. This is Not Fame: A “Fame What I Re-Memoir”(2017)=Hardcover- $5.99

2. Digging Up Mother: A Love Story (2016)

3. Fun With Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting (2006) =Paperback- $11

Furthermore, he also released a number of successful DVDs and live recordings.

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On top of that, the podcaster also released several albums. His CDs and DVDs sold successfully worldwide. As of 2019, he’s already released 14 albums. According to some online sources, the artist receives $12 per album on CD sales. Plus he also gains royalties from his albums.

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On the other hand, a world tour is another wonderful income source of income for Doug. Recently, in April 2018, he traveled to several places in Australia for stand-up comedy.

Moving towards his personal properties, the comedian owns a car of AMC Pacer which has a starting price of $3,599.

He lives in his own hometown at 212 Van Dyke Street Bisbee, Arizona. The price range of houses in Van Dyke Street Bisbee, Arizona ranges at around $135,000.

Dough Stanhope’s Bio-Wiki; Nationality, Age, Height, Social Media

Dough Stanhope was born on March 25, 1967, in Worcester, Massachusetts, US. He holds American nationality and belongs to the Native American race. He grows in a middle-class family with father and mother. His father, Russ was head of Science at Stanhopes School and mother Bonnie was a Waitress.

The comedian lost his father in the year 2000. Later, in 2003, his mother took her own life at the age of 63. During that time, she suffered from emphysema and finally ended her life by mixing a concentrated cocktail of morphine, coffee liqueur, cream, and vodka.

Stanhope quit school at fifteen and relocated to Las Vegas. Furthermore, the podcaster is a 52 years old man. He stands the height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Stanhope is popular for his heavy alcohol consumption. Moreover, he is also famous for dressing in thrift store clothing. As a matter of fact, he describes himself as pro-choice and pro-drug.

Doug is very active in social media sites. As of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, he posses 117K, 309K, and 233K followers. Doug Stanhope regularly posts his recent activities on these social sites and has made it a passive income source for himself.