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More prominent as a mining badass, Monica Beets seems to be making her name among the likes of Discovery Channel‘s icon. It’s only an irony that she turned into the boss of her father from being a miner of her father.

So know about this leading lady Monica Beets‘ early life, career, and even her marital status. Also, you might not wanna miss as to how much of the gold she turned into dollars along the way.

Monica Beets’ Career and Net Worth

Monica Beets started her career as young as when she was still under 10. She starred alongside her father in the family show, Gold Rush which airs on Discovery Channel.

Monica Beets
Monica Beets.

Beets later emerged out as a leader for the show and now supervises other diggers and miners. She officially joined the Gold Rush in the show’s fifth season when she was 21 years old.

Beets’ initial interest though was learning about Primary Care in Paramedics. But evidently, she couldn’t do so because of her preoccupation with the digging business.

Nonetheless, the compromise turned just fine for her. As per now, Monica Beets earns around $200,000 annually from all that drilling holes in the hard terrains. And this is far better than the job in Paramedics which rakes merely from around $30 thousand to $50 thousand at most.

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Besides, gold extracting, Monica is also highly engaged on her social media platforms. She earns decent cash from her brand endorsements. Per post, she is thought to earn around $300

On contrary to that, with all that gold extracting, and according to sources, Beets as of now sits atop an astounding figure of around $1 million to her fortune.

Monica Beets with Tony Beets
Monica Beets with Tony Beets.

Source: Liveramp

Furthermore, if one is not to talk about the will of her veteran father, then it is also worth mentioning the staggering $15 million greens from his account.

Monica Beets’ Married Life and Past Affairs

On 11 August 2018, Monica Beets exchanged her marital vows with her then-fiance, Taylor Mayes. The auspicious day for the couple took place in Beets’ hometown of Dawson City, Yukon.

Monica Beets with Taylor Meyers
Monica Beets with Taylor Meyers.

Source: Starcasm

On the big day, the bride, Monica Beets, embraced a full-length armless and backless gown that fell to a long lace train. And the groom, Taylor Mayes, on the other hand, suited up in all black with a golden tie and matching handkerchief.

Check out more about their wedding:

Monica’s father, Tony who was rather known for his rugged attire, surprisingly, also made an exception for the day by suiting up in all collar wardrobe.

The recently weds however is yet to add a new member of their own to their family portrait. However, it wasn’t that Beets’ life was without a love interest or so. There were some rumors which apparently alleged Beets to have had some flings or two.

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The first name was that of her co-miner in the show, Brandon Harper. It grabbed the headlines when rumors sparked that Beets and Harper were dating from the first season of the show.

But later, Harper parted from the show then and there ending his supposed relationship with Beets, too. And the actual fuss whether they dated remains still a mystery to this day.

Monica Beets with Parker Schnabel
Monica Beets with Parker Schnabel.

source: Monster and Critics

People again came with yet another speculation for Beets. This time with rather her junior in the show, Parker Schnabel. But Beets this time retaliated by saying,

‘Woah, Woah, Woah. No, I am not now, nor have I ever, dated Parker. He is a nice guy, but really getting sick of that.’

Whatever, the detour Beets took in the past, she now seems way ahead than those. As now she is more committed with Taylor Mayes and also doing pretty good, too.

Monica Beets’ Wiki-Bio; Age, Early Life, and Education

Monica Beets was born on November 7, 1993, in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada to father Tony Beets and mother Minnie Beets. Her siblings include two elder brothers, Mike and Kevin Beets and a sister, Bianca Beets. Her family lost another girl Jasmine Beets when she died at the age of 2 months old.

Monica Beets
Monica Beets

Source: Goodreads

Beets used to accompany her father in the mining work from a very young age and at 8, she even gained the title of Supervisor at Paradise Hill.

Later Beets joined the show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel in its fifth season on 17 October 2014. The series unfolds the daily routine and hurdles in the search for gold in the desert, north of Canada.

As of now, Beets is currently with her crews at Paradise Hill in the Klondike region of the Yukon, Canada.

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Besides, the reality show, Beets also frequently boasts herself in her social accounts. Monica Beets seems fond of sprinkling her routine activities more often on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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