A struggle is a word which defines the life of the human being which give the right example of a Toronto boy who rose to the stardom after facing a lot of obstacle in his life. We are talking about the professional gamer who is known by the nickname Faze Rain.

Being the member of the Faze is popular for playing the survival games like Call of Duty. Rain became a star and began collecting an impressive amount of net worth.

Ruling the gaming world by his mind blogging shots, is Faze Rain in a relationship with a girlfriend? Also, his fans are eager to know how did the pair begin dating each other.

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Today, we will be disclosing all the facts of Faze Rain bio, career, net worth, girlfriend, real name and many more!

Faze Rain Dating Affair; Broke up with Girlfriend?

Despite getting depression from the past relationship, the 22-year-old gamer, Faze Rain found someone who could understand him. He began dating a girlfriend named Taylor in November 2014. However, their relation came into limelight when Rain shared a video titled MEET MY GIRLFRIEND on his YouTube channel.

FaZe Rain girl friend
Caption: Faze Rain with her girlfriend Taylor playing a game. Photo Credit: MingFun Blog | Gaming

In fact, Faze Rain’s YouTube channel “Nordan Shat” introduced her to his audiences. Living in a long-distance relationship, his girlfriend often appeared in his videos. Though they seem a power couple, they usually face problems between them.

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Unfortunately, after dating for two years, Rain and his girlfriend put a brake on their relationship. The pair decided for breakup after they frequently argued and also the long distance wasn’t working for them. Then, he shared a video about their break up by saying:

Taylor and I have ended our relationship as of today. It had ended a few days ago. However, it is official as of now.

Currently, Faze Rain relationship status is single.

Faze Rain Career and Net Worth

Initially, Faze Rain began his career in gaming after observing the YouTube for two years. Doing what you love most, his passion soon turned into his career. He started uploading Call of Duty skills and tricks which led him into prominence. The channel rapidly grew up into million subscribers and became one of the biggest e-gamers on the internet.

Rain is one of the members of Faze clan and created his YouTube channel TrickShotting. The channel earned more than 5 million subscribers along with a billion of views.

Caption: Faze Rain YouTube channel

As a blogger and gamer, Faze Rain garners an enormous amount of net worth form the sponsorship on his YouTube channel. Sponsors like GFeul and FanDuel already worked with him.

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Moreover, he created his own Faze Merch for his fan members. By generating the income form the merch and being alleged ownership from the CS: GO gambling site CSGOWILD, Faze has collected a handsome amount of net worth. So, how what is the exact amount of Faze Rain’s net worth?

As of now, Faze Rain holds an estimated net worth of $2.1 million.

Faze Rain Bio; Early life, Real name

Born in the city of Canada on May 29, 1996, Faze Rain is lives in Toronto with his parents and three siblings. Currently, Faze is 22 years of age. Unlike other children’s, Faze Rain spent a different childhood. When he was at the age of 7, his parents began to argue which led him in the depression.

Due to the distressful home environment, the 22-year-old began spending his time playing the game. The game helped him gain a smile. Unfortunately, his father left the family which led the gamer into depression and he felt lonely.

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Later, his mother tied the knot with her former boss when Rain took him with open hands as a step-father. During the teenage period, Rain once again fell into depression when he was in a heartbreaking relationship with a girl. The pair were together for three years, but the luck wasn’t on his side. The break up led him to take his own life by overdosing Advil.

Faze Rain was admitted in the hospital for a week and began seeing the therapist for more than three years. Following the advice from the therapist, he started focusing on his hobby.

Yet another important information about Faze is that he was born as Nordan Shat. Regarding his study, Faze went to Oneida High School. In school, he was a troublesome guy who often cracks jokes and gives a smile to the classmates.

As a matter of fact, his behavior often led him to the principal’s office. However, Nordan maintained his A-grade student in the school.