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Cressida Bonas Breakup With Price Harry: What’s The Real Reason?

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For girls, it is just a truism to think the price charming would come in her life. The girls of modern world do look over the success and personality. But, what would you say to someone who is dating royal boyfriend despite knowing that success is greater than being a royal person. We are talking about Cressida Bonas who dated royal person in real life. We shall now uncover the real reason for Cressida Bonas breakup with her boyfriend Price Harry.

Cressida Bonas Dating Life with Boyfriend Prince Harry

Cressida started seeing Price Harry in the year 2012. The exact date of their meeting and place is never recorded though. The duo was seen in public places and parks for quite few times. However, their love life came to an end quite faster than expected.

Cressida and Prince Harry in His Birthday
Cressida and Prince Harry in His Birthday

After short period of time, say, 2 years; Bonas stopped seeing him anymore. The initial reason was attention and highlights she got being his girlfriend. But what was the real reason? We shall cover it here!

Reason: Cressida Bonas Breakup with Price Harry

Cressida, 27, was not used to with highlights and comments from media and people at first. Thus, she was not seeing her boyfriend; but later she couldn’t tolerate what people made comment on her life and her dating life. Bonas’ life became more complicated as she was not even able to keep her personal life secret. There was a time when both people were too serious about their linkage, but because of this reason, they broke up.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas
Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas

Cressida’s mother friend, Ingrid Seaward stated about her friend’s life and comments as:

‘My friend’s daughter was seeing Prince Harry, she is one charming girl. But I found it pretty awful when she heard people criticizing about her and her character.’

Further, she also added:

‘The people then take her photos and sometime comment on her makeup, or sometime in her appearance. These things are pretty normal for girls, but Cressi could take it no more.’

What is She Doing Now?

Although she broke up with Prince Harry, she is still not stable enough to give up the name. Ironically, her current boyfriend’s name also is Harry. Her new boyfriend’s name is Harry Wentworth.

Harry Wentworth and Cressida Bonas
Harry Wentworth and Cressida Bonas

Cressida is currently busy being in Hollywood team. She is currently enjoying her new life with new boyfriend after completing her upcoming movie “Tulip Fever.” We would like to wish her good luck for her future!

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