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The year 2016 seem to be like hell for Iggy Azalea, best known as the Australian rapper. Starting from arguments with co-workers to ending of her engagement, she ended up being criticized for her newly completed plastic surgery. She knows and we know, it was a really very bad year for her.

The diva who rapped for the ‘Pretty Girls’ song recently made some upgrades in her b**bs and nose, which was criticized by fans to be the worst decision she made in her life. Moreover, people also started commenting on her Instagram account.

Iggy Azalea Dating Life with Nick Young: What’s Issues about Her Engagement?

Iggy Azalea started dating Nick in the year 2013, which was later confirmed by GQ magazine. The news of their love life came to highlight for quite a time. In the year 2015, June, the duo got engaged. But later in September, Nick was alleged to be dating another woman. The footage came out to media of him which featured him favoring for another woman.

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Moreover, the Medias were featuring the rumor about him making his ex-girlfriend pregnant; and is currently living a fake life with Iggy.

When this rumor was highlighted so much, the duo tried to overcome it but failed. Later in the year 2016, June; the duo finally came to conclusion and broke up. The engagement was crumbled down as well.

Iggy Azalea Divorce with Her Boyfriend: What’s The Reason?

Soon after the split, Iggy came to the public through her Instagram account. The post mentioned something like this:

My love for Nick was never cheap; I tried to trust him like I used to do before but failed after some time. If he wants to move forward, why should I stop him? I just want to wish him luck for the future!

She continued:

I know it is hard to split with person with whom you want to spend rest of life, and with those you already planned to be together; but you see, future is uncertain and can be changed through small things. His life’s page is covered while mine is blank.

We found some issues with Iggy’s tone as well. Soon after the rumor came to surface, her way of explaining and giving the statement to the public was changed. In her Twitter account, she tweeted and gave farewell to her ex-fiancé.

The real reason of our breakup was the security footage I found when I came back to home. I saw him with another woman in my house, which I can never tolerate.

Soon after this tweet, Nick tweeted and showed his anger. What he tweeted was:

If you can be perfect, be that. My world follows a rule, where people get f**ked up and then learn the lesson. Even if someone hates my life, I love it!

We know how hard it is to get lonely, but Iggy has faced much more than that.


As of 2018, Iggy dated her new boyfriend, NFL superstar, DeAndre Hopkins. They confirmed their dating life in 2018. But the relationship did not last and broke up soon. In 2019, she dated her rapper boyfriend, Playboi Carti.

Iggy Azalea Body Measurement

  • Height = 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78m
  • Weight = 68 kg or 150 pounds
  • Body Measurement = 33-26-38 inches
  • Age = 28