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Is Gabbie Hanna Dating Someone? Know Her Boyfriend Name and Affairs!

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One of the talented social media figure, known mostly for comedy vlogs; Gabbie Hanna is successful enough to gain more than 2.8 million subscribers in her YouTube channel. Apart from that, she is also best known for two movies she acted named Janoskians: Untold and Untrue and Forced Absence. Gabbie gained popularity also from her ‘The Gabbie Show’ channel in Vine in which she has more than 4.8 million followers. Being popular also means being heart of millions of fans, but what we are discussing here is about that person who is successful in grabbing Hanna’s heart. We shall disclose Gabbie Hanna dating life and her boyfriend name. So, let’s find it out!

Is Gabbie Hanna Dating Someone Or Is Single?

Although she is a social media sensation, she is successful enough to keep her private life inside the box. Also, she has never talked about her private life in her videos. In interviews or Q&A videos, when she is asked about her dating life, she has ignored the questions all the time. Once in an interview, she said ironically being single girl, lonely without friends.

Being a stunning lady, we cannot believe her to be single. If you are her fan, and have access to her Instagram account; you should she her pictures quite for time. Her beauty and charm signifies her to be angel straight from the heaven. And do you think she is not dating anyone? The answer is no, but we also do not have real proof about her boyfriend as well. We can guarantee that even you must be trying to be her boyfriend!

Who is Gabbie Hanna’s Boyfriend?

We dug into Hanna’s instagram account and found something interesting. We think she is currently dating a boy named Zane Hijazi. If you do not know who he is, Zane is Hanna’s partner in creating vlogs. We found some signs and pictures as the proof of their dating, and you might think it as just a wild guess; but after looking through those pics, you will believe too. They seem like a loving couple in those pics (maybe not). And in her videos, we can see their love chemistry very clearly. And if they are not onscreen, they might love off-screen romance.


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One of the pictures in her Instagram account was very interesting though. In this picture, Hanna and Zane were eating together. Together does not mean like a date, but like eating opposite ends of same hot dog.  If you think this picture is not enough to prove about their dating life and being boyfriend and girlfriend, there is another picture in which Gabbie is hopping on Zane’s back. And that picture is what we call romantic.

His back is breaking.

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There was yet another pic but that seems to be like they were friends. In this pic, Zane was pushing the cart Gabbie was riding. The pic was captioned being stuck in a cart and being in a friend zone. Zane is pushing me on a cart; this resembles our real life relationship. Mind it Gabbie; love life always starts first with friendship!

We would like Gabbie to pass the real information as soon as possible as most of us are still waiting to know if you are single or not. Why? To try a chance maybe! We would like to see you as Zane’s boyfriend too.

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