American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick played as quarter back for his club “San Francisco 49ers” in NFL.He started his careers as a footballer from his early age, and finally drafted to NFL.

Lately, he has been in controversy regarding US national anthem, as he refuses to stand up. Also, his fans are interested in his dating, and personal life so lets’s find more about his dating history team career and networth.

Is The footballer Dating, Or Married? Scoop about his married!

Talking about the footballer’s personal life, only after Kaepernick reportedly started dating Tv host Nessa Diab’from 2014.  After only dating for one year in February 2016, they went public about their relationship. Nessa is best known for her program like MTV shows.

Colin with her girlfriend Nessa Diab

Caption: Colin with her girlfriend Nessa Diab

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Nessa was the ex-girlfriend of Colin’s teammate Aldon Smith. As per the report, Nessa is three years older than Colin. We got many rumors about their marriage, but it’s not true.

They are here taking some vows in the morning ceremony, but the fact about marriage is not right. However, they share an excellent relationship which makes Colins and Nessa fans believe that they will be getting married in future soon.

Is Colin adopted in his Childhood?

Kaepernick was born to a 19 years Caucasian women named Heidi Russo. His biological father left Heidi before the birth of Kaepernick. So, there is no any means for his teenager mom to support her child, so she left Colin for adoption.

Rick and Teresa Kaepernick took him. They adopted him because the Kaepernick family had lost their two sons on heart defects. Colin moved with them, and he became the youngest child of Rick and Teresa three children.

Colin Kaepernick career, team rating, and stats!

Taking about his career, he started football from his school. He achieved most of his accolades as a baseball pitcher and received several scholarships.

Later he became the quarter back for his team and became renowned for his ability. He was very good at baseball. Kaepernick was nominated as all state in football and baseball at his high school. In 2011 NFL draft, he was picked up by the team of ‘San Francisco 49ers. He was offered six yrs contract sign.

Caption: Kaepernick at his game with his teammates

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Kaepernick’s networth, salary and social media reach:

Finally, after contract signing for six years for the San Francisco in 2014, Kaepernick is earning a  lot. He has an estimated networth of about 25 million dollars per year, and annual salary is 19 million dollars.

Apart from the game, Colin is also active in his social media. He has 1.14 million followers on his twitter account @Kaepernick7, and he tweeted more than 9800 times. Kaepernick has  1.6 million followers on Instagram @kaepernick7.

More about Colin Kaepernick: Wiki, bio, family, personal life!

American football player Coli Kaepernick was born on November 3, 1987( age 30) in Wisconsin, US. Colin is the adopted son of Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

At 6’4 inches height, Colin started his early life career as football from his school John H.Pitman High School in California.  At the middle age, he was the most valuable player of the Central California Conference in Football, American leading his school to victory.

Colin attends high school at Turlock, Pitman” Nevada College. From African-American nationality, Colin always played for his country as Quarter back.