Australian mathematics educator and standup comedian Matt Parker has featured on various television and radio programs. Matt has gained a huge fan following through his comedy and YouTube videos. He is a successful person by profession but what about his real life?

His fans would like to know about Matt’s wife and their relationship. What is the secret behind his wedding ring? Let’s find out more about his personal and married life.

Matt Parker And His Wife Flash Astonishing Wedding Ring! Know His Married Life

A comedian, YouTube personality, and mathematician, Matt Parker has married a solar physicist, Lucie Green on July 2014. In the wedding, the couple used iron-nickel wedding rings made of meteoric iron. They currently live in Godalming, UK. Matt and his wife have displayed their wedding ring via Twitter.

The couple is still together, and there is no any sign of divorce in their relationship. Parker is a loyal husband to his wife and loves her a lot. He and his wife, Lucie, both have no any external affair as they are happy living together. Parker is secretive and doesn’t talk about his wife too much.

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There is not much information revealed about their personal life besides their wedding ring. However, Parker often tweets about his wife on Twitter.

Lucie Green

Matt Parker’s wife, Lucie Green won the prestigious Royal Society Kohn award, 25 August 2009.

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We hope both the nuptials will live their rest of the life together sharing happiness and sorrows together.

Matt Parker’s Career: A Math Teacher, Comedian, Author, And YouTube Personality

Perhaps Parker is the only person to hold the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer at the same time having a sold-out comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Matt is always acute to blend his two passions of mathematics and stand-up.

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He is also a former maths teacher from Australia. Matt works both as a stand-up comedian and a maths communicator which includes spreading his love of maths through books, TV shows, Radio programs, School visits, newspaper, and live comedy shows. He is also the public engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University London.

Standup Mathematician

Matt Parker holds the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer.

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Parker is also an author and has written many books which include: ‘Things to Make and do in Fourth Dimension’ (2014), ‘Up Mount Rainier’ (2016), ‘The Real Estate Agent Talk’ (2016) and others. Matt Parker is also a Youtube personality. He posts several videos related to mathematics and stands as “Stand-Up Mathematician.” He owns a YouTube channel called “StandUpMaths.”

Matt Parker’s Wiki-Like Brief Bio

Matthew Parker was born on December 22, 1980. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Western Australia. He shifted into physics and later mathematics.

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Parker taught maths in Australia after his college, has appeared in many youtube videos, written many books, is regular on BBC Radio Four’s Infinite Monkey Cage, occasionally writing for ‘the Guardian,’ and is a commentator on almost every episode of ‘You have been warned.’

Parker earns a lot of money at the age of 37 through his hard work that adds to his net worth. Thus his net worth must be in millions but he has not revealed to the media.