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Is Canadian Comedian Darren Rose Gay? If not, Is he Married? Spouse?

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Canadian comedian Darren Rose is one of the celebrities who is able to seal off his personal life from public. Best known for his shows like Mr. D, and Match Game; he is also one of the top searched celebrity. As he now engaged in hosting Match Game, he has now became a subject to observe by his fans and followers. In most case, you might not find the exact information you are looking for. If you are in exact same condition, you should now let the worry pass by. We have found some special information worth sharing about him. Is Darren Rose Gay or Straight? Lets know about that!

Is Darren Rose Gay? Boyfriend?

The hook of information about Darren being Gay might be spoof. But it also might be true. There are no scandals or rumours news about him and girl so far. As the information are sealed off, most of people suspect him as gay. There are too much of hypothesis of him being gay like:

“There are no men without girlfriend. If he do not have one, there might be some problem.”

We are also not sure about him being homosexual. It might be cleared when he unveils himself about his sexual orientation.

If Not Gay, Is he Married? Spouse?

Rose is not married or have any spouse. He also do not have girlfriend. The media buzz about his relationships is equal to nil. We surfed through his social accounts, and found out a bit more about his life. There, he posted that he want’s wedding to be in Grand Chapel. With this post, we could say that he wants to wed. But who is that luckiest person?

He had dated with a girl in 8th grade. She might not be the one for him, but he will find a better pair. His beloved girlfriend cheated and got her punishment being pregnant with her new boyfriend. Darren seems to be happy to find out that.