Darrin Rose is well known for his privacy keeping skills. He is one of those rare and precious people who has managed to stay far away from the media in the context of his dating affairs. If you are one of his fans and you too think that he is secretly dating someone and has a partner then here is a good read where we think the same too.

A star as secretive and clever as him could even be married for all we know. Let’s find out more about his personal life along with his professional life.

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Is he dating because he claims that he wants to get married!

Darrin Rose may not show much of his this side but he turns out to be the kind of guy who is into romance novels and all that sappy stuff.

He recently shared one of his favorite reads and it turns out to be a sci-fi romance novels. He is all praises about it and even took it to Twitter to urge his followers to read it.

He seems sensible enough to be dating someone but the question is if he is already dating or not? He recently did joke about wanting to get married in a chapel and even posted a picture of the chapel which makes us think that he might be dating someone already and has a partner, but he doesn’t want to reveal their identity.

Well, this clears up that he isn’t already married. Even if he said that he wants to get married as a part of a joke, he must have had a particular person in his mind when he wrote that tweet.

Just like the rest of his fans, we too believe that he is hiding his girlfriend because there is no way a man this handsome and equally witty doesn’t have a girlfriend or isn’t dating. We wish Darrin all the luck in his love life and hope to get updated about his dating affairs soon.

Darrin Rose speculated to be gay; Are the gay rumors true?

Like every other celebrity, Darrin Rose too became the victim of gay rumors. Darrin Rose is never found talking about his partner or his love interests, neither he has hinted on being a gay. The only reason Darrin is dragged down on being a gay is due to his standup and his sense of humor. Here are some of Darrin tweets regarding his gay thing and why people speculate him to be a gay.

So it was speculated among people that he might be a gay. And many of his fans also wished him to be gay and some of them are still in confusion regarding his sexuality.

But never has he ever admitted having his sexual preferences turned towards toward men so we can say this for now that he seems straight.

Gay or straight, we would love Darrin Rose all the same for the colorful human that he is inside and out.

Darrin Rose’s Short Bio

Darrin Rose is a Canadian comic who started off in the comedian career line by the age of 26. even though he had a degree from Concordia University, he did his first show in Yuk Yuk’s amateur night. He made it larger than his expectations by appearing in so many other great TV shows.

He has gathered lots of eyes on him from the hit CBC sitcom called Mr.D where he portrays the role of Bill the bartender. He has also appeared numerous time in shows like Just for Laughs, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, etc. His hilarious wits and his handsome good looks have been paid off as he has won many awards like Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Performance. 

His roles in TV shows and his tours from one show to another certainly helps him add a fortune to his net worth. He must have a good salary from these shows as well. Although his net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet, we can tell that it will be worth the wait as it is being reviewed as of now.