Who’s anyone’s dream girl and how would she be? Certainly, you want beauty with brains right? If there are such criteria, then Zuri Hall will fit into by a mile. The American TV personality has everything you want from a partner but is Zuri Hall open for dating? What if she already has a boyfriend or partner or homie or whatever they call their future husband?

I am sorry for shattering your dream. But along with Zuri Hall successful career, she also has a loving relationship with her boyfriend. The question arises, is Zuri Hall ready to make him her husband? Let’s find out about her relationship along with her Wiki-like bio and her Zuri Hall net worth.

How’s Zuri Hall and her boyfriend doing? Will their beautiful relationship turn into marriage?

The beautiful Zuri Hall has also selected her boyfriend of the same kind. Maybe that’s the secret of their beautiful lasting relationship. Zuri Hall’s boyfriend, Mettin Copier is a Dutch-born Austrian model.

The love story of Zuri Hall and her boyfriend is a beautiful ‘love at first sight’ story. Zuri and her boyfriend Mettin Copier first met each other in July 2012, in Ohio. Here is a video of Zuri Hall explaining about their first encounter.

Caption: How I met my boyfriend, Zuri Hall.

The adorable dating affair of Zuri Hall and Mettin Copier can be seen on their youtube channel. The couple posts their vlogs and romantic moments on their channel,’Zuri and Mettin.’

Zuri Hall is not a bit hesitant to share her beautiful dating affairs in social media. Zuri posted this picture on 5th January 2017, wishing Happy Birthday to Mettin.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the bestest of men. Gefeliciteerd, schat! ❤️

A post shared by Zuri Hall • E! News (@zurihall) on

Caption: How old is your boyfriend, Zuri?

Not only an adorable relationship but the dating affair of Zuri and her boyfriend is inspiring too. Despite their difference in their race, Zuri and her partner have found their similarities.

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The couple also suffered a long distance relationship for 2 and a half years. But they managed to stick around, and now it has been four years since their dating. Certainly, their relationship is exemplary.

Here is one of her video about their long-distance relationship.

Caption: Take advice from the pro guys, Zuri and her partner know. 

Published on 6th October 2016.  

Mettin is not just a boyfriend for Zuri. She believes that he’s also her homie, lover, and friend. Zuri’s romantic picture with her boyfriend proves that they are dating. On top of that, the caption speaks even deeper feelings about their relationship. Check this out.

homies. lovers. friends. 🗝

A post shared by Zuri Hall • E! News (@zurihall) on

Caption: More than just a boyfriend, Zuri’s homie, lover, and friend. 

Zuri and Mettin are homies, lovers, and friends. Does that mean that Zuri has already got her future husband? Well, that seems likely, but the couple is not ready for marriage now. They have addressed their feeling about marriage in this video.

Caption: Is Mettin your husband, Zuri? Not yet 

It seems like the cherry on the top is still left. But we hope Zuri and her partner will get married soon.

Zuri Hall’s Wiki-bio along with her net worth

Zuri Hall was born in 1988. Her age is 30 now, and she celebrates her birthday on 2nd June. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Zuri Hall now lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Zuri is currently working as an On-Air Correspondents for E! News. Before reaching the heights in E! News, she was a TV host at MTV. She hosted reality game series, ‘The Challenge,’ ‘ 21 Century Fox’s ‘Million Dollar,’ and ‘Maze Runner.’

Zuri Hall is an award-winning TV personality; she bagged Regional Emmy in the category of ‘Outstanding Host’ just one year after her graduation.

The Multi-dimensional Zuri Hall also has a Youtube channel with 100K followers, and she is also a founder and CEO of #AlphaBabe.

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With a height of 5’7″, Zuri Hall also possesses a net worth of greater height. Her illustrious career as a TV presenter and her other conglomerate must have earned her a great fortune. But uncharacteristically, she seems to hide her net worth and salary. We will let you know once Zuri Hall decides to publish it.

As of 2019, Zuri Hall holds an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.