Gordon Tootoosis was a Canadian Aboriginal actor who belonged to Cree and Stoney descent. The legendary actor was an inspirational personality for the people of his Indigenous tribe. Unfortunately, he is no longer among us as he passed away 7 years back.

Even though the actor is not anymore with us, he still lives on with his legacy which he left behind. Besides, he was also a married man but who was his wife? Was he the father of any children? Moreover, how much net worth did he own before his death? Get all the information along with several other facts.

Gordon Tootoosis Death. What Was the Cause?

In 2011, Gordon Tootoosis suffered from Pneumonia and was subsequently admitted to St. Paul Hospital at Saskatchewan, Canada. Sadly, the great actor died on July 05, 2011 at the hospital.

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He was 69 years of age when he passed away. Furthermore, the Pocahontas voice actor’s funeral took place on the Poundmaker Cree Nation Reserve in Cut Knife.

Who Is Gordon Tootoosis’s Wife?

Gordon Tootooosis was in a marital tie with his wife Irene Seseeequaisis before his demise. The actor tied the knot with Irene in 1965 and since then the couple lived together until his demise.

Gordon Tootoosis looking intensely
Gordon Tootoosis

SOURCE: Find A Grave

The duo shared six children together, three daughters Glynis Tootoosis, Alanna, and Disa and three sons Lee, Winston Bear, and Clint. Additionally, he also adopted several children, a son Drek Thompson, and daughters Rebecca Brady, Bertrille Fox, Irene Oaks, Patrice Kautzman, Danielle Thunderchild, René Daoust-Thompson, Melanie Favel.

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Apart from the relationship with his spouse, the Edge actor did not have romance and affair with anyone. He spent a happy and contented latter part of his life with his family including his grandchildren at his family home in Saskatchewan.

How Much Net Worth Did Gordon Tootoosis’s Have?

The late actor Gordon Tootoosis owned an estimated net worth of $1 million. He made his wealth from his acting career in Tv shows and movies.

The actor performed in more than 80 movies and television shows in his illustrious career, many critically acclaimed and successful at the box office. Among his most remarkable works, his 1997 movie The Edge grossed more than $43.3 million at the box-office.

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Furthermore, Gordon also voiced the character of Kekata in the Walt Disney Animation Pocahontas which released in 1995. The movie became a commercial success making a box-office collection of over $346 million worldwide against the budget of $55 million.

Quick Facts of Gordon Tootoosis

What is Gordon Tootoosis’ nationality?

Aboriginal Canadian

What is his ethnicity?

Cree and Stoney Descent

Who were his parents?

John Baptiste Tootoosis (Father) and Marie Therese Tootoosis (Mother)

Where did he receive his education from?

Thunderchild Residential School

What was his age?

69 years (at the time of his death)

How tall was he?

5 feet 4 inches

What was his zodiac sign?


What was his first movie?

Alien Thunder (1974).