It’s a common saying that love and career do not go hand in hand and one contradicts the other. It is seen in the real world too how one loses love for a career and vice-versa. And since we can’t have it all, the only thing that can be done is to move on hoping for the best.

The choice between love and career is a difficulty that almost everyone has to go through in life. The balance among both is a rare instance that most people cannot maintain. Will Forte is an actor who is also trapped in this choice. Although he seems to be looking for that rare balance, his priorities seem to be straight.

Will Forte’s Dating History And Rumors:

According to sources, Will Forte is currently single but he is looking for love and wants to marry. Previously, Will was linked with several women from the industry.

However, only a few rumors about his affair are confirmed. Forte was in a relationship with the beautiful January Jones in April 2015.

The duo even made several public appearances together but the relationship didn’t last long. They dated only for around five months and parted ways in September 2015.

In July 2016, news about his relationship with the Jaimie Alexander was all over the tabloids but it turned out to be just a fling.

CAPTION: Will Forte With Ex-girlfriend January Jones SOURCE:

No details are available regarding their affair. Later, Will was involved in a love affair with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Chalke who is a famous Canadian actress. However, the duo separated after staying in two years of relationship. The reason behind their separation is still under wraps.

Will Forte's ex-Sarah Chalke
CAPTION: Will Forte’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Chalke SOURCE:

The pair has neither confirmed their relationship nor appeared together in public. He keeps his love life on the low-key although he is constantly linked with several ladies from the entertainment world.

The actor never commented on the rumors about his affair. He never opened up about plans of getting married either. It is probably because Will is busily inclining his career towards success.

Will Forte Career and Net Worth

Will Forte enjoys an incredible salary from his profession, which is evident in his net worth as his estimated net worth of $8 million. However, some other tabloids suggest his net worth at around $6 million.

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He established himself as one of the reputed personality in the acting. The hard work and dedication towards his several fields like acting, writing, and production, has gathered an impressive amount of net worth.

Will Forte’s Career

Will Forte has been active in the industry since 1997 and he is best-known for his portrayal of the inept action hero MacGruber. He marked his place as a prominent actor by appearing in a significant number of TV series and films.

YouTube: Will Forte Talks About The Last Man On Earth

He has appeared on The Last Man on Earth (2015-present), Keanu (2016), Maya & Marty (2016), Michael Bolton‘s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special (2017), and A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2017).

In the 2013 film Nebraska, Will earned acclaim for his dramatic turn and later rediscovered TV comedy success in 2015 as the star of The Last Man on Earth. He joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2002 while furthering his career.

Will Forte’s Wiki-Bio:

Will Forte was born Orville Willis Forte IV on June 17, 1970, in Alameda County, California. He is the son of father Orville III and mother Patricia C. Forte. He also has an older sister, Michelle Forte. He decided to go by the name Will because he got bullied at school for having a girls name.

48 years’ old Forte displayed creative tendencies as a child but had no obvious interest in acting. He joined a drama class at Acalanes High School but otherwise was preoccupied as a member of the football and swimming teams.

He was also the president of the class of 1988. Will graduated from UCLA in 1993 with a degree in history and followed his father into the financial industry.

Similarly, Will Forte became a broker at Smith Barney Shearson in Beverly Hills. However, he realized he was unhappy in that environment. So he quit after a few years to try his hand at writing and performance.