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Is Jaimie Alexander Dating Airon Armstrong After Split With Milo Ventimiglia?

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One of the best American actresses Jaimie Alexander came to rise when she played as Sif for the supernatural movie Thor. Apart from that she also portrayed the role in its sequel and S.H.I.E.L.D as well. Being a lead actress, she has been able to have affairs with most of the celebrities. We know that she was in relationship with Milo Ventimiglia quite before. What if we ask you if she is single or not? We all know she isn’t as she is already connected with Airon Armstrong. Today we shall be uncovering all the truth of Jaimie Alexander dating life and also some scoop of her previous relationship.

Old Relationship: Jaimie Alexander and Milo Ventimiglia

milo ventimiglia and jaimie alexander

Alexander, 32, before sometime was linked with Milo Ventimiglia who is 39 years old. As per the Dating Wiki named Who Dates Who, the duo started dating in the year 2010 and their relationship ended for only two years. In the year 2012, January, the pair had some disputes and began ignoring each other. Later, they officially announced the end of their love life. The real reason of their breakup has never been disclosed.

Is Jaimie Alexander Dating Airon Armstrong?

Jaimie Alexander and Airon Armstrong Together holding hands
Jaimie Alexander and Airon Armstrong Together holding hands

From our point of view, we are sure that Jaimie is currently dating Airon. The alleged pair, Jaimie and Airon was found together, holding each other’s hand. Best known as stuntman and action director, Airon and Alexander both were happy to be together. Although they never revealed their relationship publicly, the smile of her confirms her new love.

In some celebrity sites, it was mentioned that the duo met for the first time in the show named ‘Blind Spot.’ As both of them were co-workers for the show, people speculated them to be paired up in real life as well.

Who Was Jaimie Alexander Dating With Before Airon Armstrong?

Jaimie Alexander and Peter Facinelli Were Dating Before
Jaimie Alexander and Peter Facinelli Were Dating Before

Yes, she was dating some other guy and was also ready to tie knot with him. The other guy is non-other than Peter Facinelli who is also actor in profession. After split with Milo, in the year 2012, the duo started seeing each other. Peter became close to Jaimie, exactly after 10 months after split. It is mentioned in source that the duo were in love for around two years and then got engaged.

The exact date of their engagement of the ex-duo was in the year 2015, March. But, due to some uncertain issues, the duo was not able to sustain their relationship and split in the year 2016, February.