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Val Edward Kilmer an American actor and the trending sensation of the mid-1980s who came into the limelight after delivering strand of his presence in some of the applaud worthy comic movies. This mysterious actor offered numerous movies to American film industry out of which the most notable roles he played were in The Doors(1991), Top secret (1984) and much more.

The sources revealed his discord with some of his co-stars like Marlon Brando and Tom Sizemore. Thus, we can say that he happens to be someone with quite a short temper. Today, we are here to present you all about Val Edward Kilmer: Net worth, Relationship, Marriage, Family, and Lifestyle

Val Kilmer’s Net worth

Val Edward Kilmer is a famous and meticulous American actor has made an extensive list of successful movies in his career out of which Batman Forever shaped him as a fine actor with the role of Batman where his personality and voice did the full justice to a role.

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It is said that the actor was not only confined to a big screen but has his exposure to television and stage too, from which Val Edward Kilmer’s net worth gets boomed up and is making the worth of $25 million.

The lifestyle of Val Edward Kilmer

The curiosity of knowing more about your favorite actors apart from the screen presence they make is always there among fans and the followers. The self-made man does live the life of his dream as he has the caliber to attain whatever materialistic lavishness he wishes for.  The news of the actor selling his 6,000-acre (24 km sq.) ranch in New Mexico came into the eminence in 2011.

“To even have a chance of doing anything unique, you have to know who you are,” says actor Val Kilmer. “As a result, you should live where you feel most yourself.”

The statement that he made speaks enough to understand the kind of person he is. He has a beautiful mansion in Florida whose value is $0.825 Million who also owns cars, boats and other vehicles. The owner of C70 T5 – sports car manufactured by Volvo worth $10,000 is undoubtedly enjoying an extravagant life.

Val Edward Kilmer Relationship, marriage, and family

The relationship status of this precise and dotting artist looks to be quite experimental. The series of affairs he had since the late ’80s till present and the news that came out in the public and media about his relationship status always made everyone to be skeptic about presuming the longevity of it. The list of the name of his girlfriends was Michelle Pfeiffer, Neve Campbell, Emily Lloyd, Daryl Hannah, Paris Hilton.

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In 1998, he married an actress Joanne Whalley, but dejectedly this relationship also came with its maturity period. The two children, one daughter and a son, they, Val and Joane had together were named as Mercedes and Jack.

Not only that, if rumors were to tumor seriously, Kilmer was said to be dating Angelina Jolie and Zeta Graff too but is sadly single as of now. Though he might have portrayed the character of gay detective but is rumor not one in his real life.

Val Edward Kilmer’s short wiki

Well talking about Val Edward Kilmer’s wiki The diligent actor who belongs to white ethnicity was born on the 31st of December, 1959 in Los Angeles, California the United States of America and happens to be 59 years old as of 2019.

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His father Eugene Kilmer was a real estate agent, and mother Gladys Kilmer was an aerospace equipment dealer. Many hustle bustle about his health occurred when he was hospitalized in 2015. People made the speculations of tumor and cancer, but Kilmer rubbished the rumor.