Tiffany Brissette was a child actress who was famous for her role in the American sitcom “Small Wonder” as “VICI” the Robert. The show revolved around the life of VICI and her family members.

The show was a great hit in the ’80s and aired for nearly four years from 1985 to 1989 A.D. Besides the show she has also got some other series to her name like Fox’s Fun House(1988), Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect(1990) and many others. Let’s explore more about Tiffany Brissette Net worth, Age, Married,  and Husband

Tiffany Brissette Now: In 2018

Every actor or actress always continue the same profession when they achieve stardom or reach a certain level of success. Though Tiffany achieved it all at a very small age, she decided to step away from the spotlight and started living a normal life when she grew up.

Tiffany Brissette Now, Age, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio
Tiffany Brissette on Small Wonder Source: YouTube

Currently, the famous child actor is a matured woman who is spending her days by helping others as a nurse. Tiffany started working as a nurse back in 2007 in the Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Colorado. She was a very kind and helpful person from her childhood. So, it may be one of the reasons why she left stardom and gave herself in the service of others.

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As in now, Tiffany is busy doing social works and humanitarian work for the good fare of other people around the world. She is also engaged with a club named Variety Club telethon which helps, aid and services to the disabled and sick child of the society. One can say wherever she is or whatever she is dong she is happy and satisfied with her work for now.

The love life of an Ex-Celebrity: Tiffany Brissette Married?

Well, there seems to be no fire in the love life of the Tiffany. She is in her early 40’s and till now hasn’t been in any relationships or affairs or whatsoever. It seems the topic of husband and getting married doesn’t even concern her. Still, there is time and hope that our favorite robot might get her favorite partner or husband shortly.

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Until then, Tiffany is very busy and committed to helping those in need.

Tiffany Brissette Net Worth

As Tiffany’s career ended at an early age, but her net worth didn’t end with her career. She amassed a lot of money during her career, but she never disclosed any information regarding it. But after the end of her stardom, there must have been some minor deflation in her net worth. As we all know the salary of a nurse is not that much when compared to the celebrities.

Tiffany Brissette Now, Age, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio
V.I.C.I From Small Wonder, Tiffany Brissette. Source: Pinterest

However, Tiffany is living a very comfortable life and is spending money on the betterment of others. But the actual amount of her net worth is still not known and is under review.

Tiffany Brissette Bio

Born on 1974, Tiffany Michelle Brissette aka Tiffany Brissette is an American citizen who grew up in the Paradise which lies in the Butte County of California. Her birthday falls on the 26th of December every year.

Tiffany who holds a bachelor degree in Psychology from the Westmont College is currently a 43-year-old woman who indulges herself in social work. Unfortunately, the information regarding her family and current whereabouts is not known yet.