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Rumours and Facts: Gangsta Lady Tameka Cottle Divorced Rapper T.I.; How Happily Married Life Came To End?

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Well known to all as singer, Tameka Cottle is the only singer to step forward from the musical place in decades. Not just for her songs, but millions of fans also follow her per musical beat. But, is she not aware of preserving her personal life? The news came out last year about Tameka Cottle divorced her husband T.I.; is it true or just fake news? We are uncovering the truth about her married and divorced life today!

Tameka Cottle Married Life with Rapper T.I.: Four Biological Children and Three Step Children

Singers, one songwriter and other rapper started dating since 2002. The year they started dating was disclosed later in 2010, when both tied knot to start newly married life. The duo married in Miami, Florida.

Tameka Cottle and T.I.

Although they married in 2010, their first baby came to this world in the year 2004, Wikipedia reports. The baby was boy who was named King Harris. The duo also claimed this boy to be born in the second year of dating life. The second child was born in the year 2007, as a girl who was named as Leyah Amore Harris. This year seemed to be blissful year, as there was news of her being pregnant again. Later in the year 2008, another cute baby boy came to this world, later named as Major Philant Harris.

Tameka Cottle was happy having three biological children. As for T.I., he was happy being father of six children; three from previous girl he dated named Zonnie Pullins. Well, family planning was not on their favour, the news of fourth child came out in December 2015.

In March 2016, US Magazine, the fourth child was baby girl to whom they named Heiress Diana Harris. T.I. was so happy that he posted in his social account being pissed off not being by the side of his wife and fourth (formerly seventh) child.

Rumours and Facts: Tameka Cottle Divorced T.I.?

Quite sometime after the news of fourth child came to existence, the new rumour came out. It was the divorce of Tameka and T.I. Different celeb sites posted about the divorce of Cottle.

In July 2016, Inquisitr, the duo split up a month before the delivery of fourth child. Further, the reporter also mentioned about Tameka walking off from the T.I. house along with her four cute children.

A day before Inquisitr posted, Bossip, Tameka posted in her instagram account about the end of her marriage life.

It was no so cool for T.I. to leave his family alone; many people speculated it to be due to timing of T.I. They also mean being too busy with work and lacking to give time for the family. There is no real proof being confirmed about why they got separated, as there is no news about their divorce reason till date in any headlines or social media.