Stefanie Von Pfetten is a Canadian actress whose recent work was observed on the Television shows, L.A.’s Finest. She played the role of Goldilock in the series.

The Canadian actress is famous for her role in the sci fi-horror film Decoys, as Lily, and Captain Marcia “Showboat” Case in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. Except for those movies and shows, she has contributed to many other popular motion pictures, which made her one of our noteworthy topics today. So, in this article, we will be featuring Stefanie’s net worth and her personal life story.

Net Worth of Stefanie Von Pfetten

If you are counting the number our beautiful actress holds in her bank, then let us tell you, she has $3,000,000 in her account.

Stefanie managed to gain those massive numbers by working hard in the acting field. She has invested more than twenty years in the show business. As a result, it doesn’t feel shocking to know Pfetten to have a wealth, which crosses millions.

Professional Background

As you all know, our beautiful actress, Stefanie, is popular for her work in many movies and series, whereas let us tell you, before starting her acting career, Pfetten worked in the British-founded American Multinational corporation, Sotheby, during her time in Vienna.
Stefanie Von Pfetten in Shooter SE01-Refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit

The TV series, Welcome to Paradox (as Julia), is Stefanie’s first work as an actor in 1998. After that, she portrayed various roles in different Television shows and movies. 

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Pfetten played in TV series like Cracked (in 2013), The Man in the High Castle (2015-16), Shooter (in 2016), The Last Tycoon (in 2017), and L.A.’s Finest (in 2019).

The Canadian actress also got her into different movies such as; Happy Face Killer (in 2014), Numb (in 2015), Heaven’s Floor (in 2016), While You Were Dating (in 2017), and Welcome to Marwen (in 2018).

Relationship Status

Stefanie is active on Instagram, where she is posting different fantastic events occurring in her life.

Our fabulous actress shares multiple photos with her boyfriend, Ostoja Antonio, in her Instagram account. In one of her posts, Pfetten shared a picture, where she was wearing a ring in her finger with heart emoji and the caption ‘I said yes.’

Well, this was years ago. At the moment, the actress has already deleted all of her Instagram photos with her lover and the diamond ring is also nowhere to be seen.

Early Life and Education

Stefanie Von Pfetten was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 25, 1973. She is the daughter of Baron Hermann Von Pfetten and his third wife, Heifrun Reel.

The outstanding actress, after completing high school education, went to Vienna to gain more academic knowledge, which is the largest and national city, plus one of nine states of Austria.

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The Canadian artist who has German descent went to Munich, Bavaria, where she studied Art history.

Quick Facts

  • Stefanie’ great-great-great-grandmother is from Italy, whereas her father belongs to Germany nobility.
  • She privately coaches and harnesses her skills from acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.
  • Stefanie Von Pfetten in English is translated to “Stefanie of Purlin,” which means a horizontal beam running the length of a roof.
  • Pfetten parents are initially from Munich, Bavaria.
  • Her father was born in Ranspau, on 8 March 1933, and mother was born in Weimar, 8 February 1942.
  • The lady has dogs named Lucy and Pickles.

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