Sophie Turner Plunged in Controversy
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Sophie Turner Plunged In Controversy, Game of Thrones’ Actress Made Racist Comment!

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Last updated on November 8th, 2017 at 11:21 am

Sophie Turner, who is also known as Sansa Stark has fallen into controversy. The Game of Thrones’ actress was accused in making racist comment. She used ‘N’ word. When this video became viral through social media, she was highly critiqued.

However, when Sophie was asked about this issue, she flatly denied and did not admit that she made such comment.

Sophie Turner Racist Comment Controversy

Joe Johas is the one to post this video in his instagram account. We can see Joe to be in gym and Sansa is in her back. When he approached Turner and said ‘Look, who came here today!’ To this statement, Sophie replied ‘what’s up N*!’

Here’s the video, you can watch it yourself:

Game of Thrones #SophieTurner is under fire for this video with #JoeJonas

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Turner later denied that she used the word ‘N*,’ instead, she claimed to tell ‘motherf***ers’ word. She disclosed this information in new video. She also tried clearing herself from accuse by saying that she never expressed racial insult.

Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark

Turner said:

‘I am disappointed to those who thought I would say something like that. I want to make myself clear that I would not and never do such things.’

Sophie is now totally depressed, so it might be good if she stay low as for now!