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Is Sophie Turner Dating James McVey? What’s The Issue in Their Relationship?

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If you are fan of Game of Thrones, you must know who Sophie Turner is. She portrayed Sansa Stark of Stark family who seems to be unlucky in love affairs within the series. But, what about her love life in real world. We heard that she is enjoying her love life in real life. Recently, there are some scoop of her having affair with the American singer James McVey. So today, we shall cover the news about Sophie Turner dating her boyfriend secretly and some relationship issues.

The rumour came to highlight when she along with Joe Jonas were seen in MTV EMAs. Not long ago, she came to highlight making tattoo in her arm soon came into another rumour about being in love with James McVey.

What Happened Between Ex-Couple Sophie Turner and James McVey?

Sophie Turner and James McVey broke up about 2 years ago. The news about their breakup came to highlight when they were quarrelling with each other through Twitter. It seemed like they were having Twitter War then. Here is the tweet made by James McVey:

Sophie repeatedly replied to James through her another tweet. The fight soon became raging and they ended up breaking the relationship!

Who is Sophie Turner Boyfriend Now?

Sophie Turner has now learned how it would be like when someone gets broken hearted. She is going through the learning process and now seems to be very conscious when it comes to personal affairs. Soon after the breakup, Sophie was not seen together with anyone as she was maintaining her low profile life. But, she was not able to hide her secret affair for too long. Turner was seen together with another person named Joe Jonas who is one of the members of Jonas Brother’s group.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Together at MTV EMAs
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Together at MTV EMAs

In Hollywood, Jonas brother is taken to be great music sensation and the main singer, Joe seems to be king of handsomeness. The dream of millions of girl fans was seen hooking around with Sophie Turner at MTV EMAs which was held in Rotterdam.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Till date, we still do not have much information about Turner’s affairs with Joe Jonas. Both parties are silent in terms of announcing their relationship to the world. The things how it goes is still not known but the alleged duo seems to be highly comfortable hooking up!

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