There are two kinds of people all over the world, one who doesn’t mind sharing personal info to all through different media and the other who does not want to leak his personal life. And what we call them is Publicity Stunt or Secretive Man. It’s OK if a person shares his private affairs through a different channel, but what happens to the fans and followers of secretive man? Usually, they follow gossip sites and wiki to know the persona. And finally, as for us, all we can do is speculating until the person discloses himself.

Donna Tartt, one of the popular American writers recently disclosed her personal life, and we got to know many things. In this column today, we will be revealing her motives and dating life along with if she wants to get married or not right away!

Donna Tartt Finally Disclosed Her Personal Life

Let’s go back to the year 2013 when Donna Tartt launched her third book. In that ceremony, The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed her. When she was asked about her personal life and affairs, she did not give a definite answer at first. Here is the statement:

‘I love living with my dog.’

She mentioned about her love towards her work and also guided first-time writers:

‘If you are the one, and you think it is simple to promote your writings; you are totally wrong. I have seen some fellows following free blogging for promoting; for me doing such things have no meaning!’

Is Donna Tartt Marrying Someone?

Let’s now enter the world of rumors and gossip. Once in 1980, the rumor of Donna being together with Bret Easton Ellis came to the limelight. All the tabloids were full of such things, but the news remained just a rumor.

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The negative impact on Donna’s life because of her parent’s married life must have wreaked her perception on marriage. Her father used to work in a gas station while her mother used to work as a secretary for a local company. When Donna was asked directly if she wants to marry or not, she replied:

‘Have you ever seen relationships that exist long, coz I have never seen. So, I don’t want to get hitched.’

As she is firm in her statement, we do not think she married before. But we still cannot say she won’t be marrying anyone in her lifetime. Let’s all hope she might find a proper husband soon.

Donna Tartt Wiki Facts

The Goldfinch writer Donna Tartt was born on 23 December 1963 in Greenwood, Mississippi, United States. As of now, she is 58 years of age. Regarding her parents, Donna’s father is Don Tartt and her mother is Taylor Tartt. 

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Furthermore, she went to the University of Mississippi and Bennington College. Her ideal authors include Charles Dickens, Geroge, Orwell, J.D. Salinger, T.S. Eliott, Rudyard Kipling, to name a few.

So, which are her most remarkable books? Some of her most popular books are The Little Friend, Christmas Pageant, The Secret History, The Goldfinch