If you know about an American hip-hop crew; Shoreline Mafia then you must be familiar with the name Rob Vicious. By the way, he is one of the leading members of that group. Besides this, Vicious is also popular for his new solo album Traplantic which contains 11 songs and is filled with street tales and braggadocious bars.

Vicious rose to prominence through Shoreline Mafia. Well, who founded the band and when? who are the members of that group? what is his actual name of Rob Vicious? How much is his net worth? Is he dating a girlfriend or is in a married relationship? If you have the same questions, you made it to the right place, just read along.

Who is Rob Vicious’ Girlfriend? Know about his Personal life

Rob Vicious is currently single and is not dating anyone. Furthermore, he does not prefer to share his personal life in public. On the basis of his posts on social media, we can say that he is in love with his singing career. Furthermore, it is true that he lives a solitary life, without a girlfriend.

Rob Viscious
Rob Vicious

In fact, Rob is too busy to make his career. Hence, he is not giving much attention to love and relationships. So, there is no possibility of this rap king marrying anytime soon.

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Furthermore, Rob is also far from any rumors issues regarding his private life. Nevertheless, as he is a young fellow, he surely makes a girlfriend in his upcoming days.

How much is Rob Vicious’ Net Worth?

Rob Vicious is a member of an American musical group Shoreline Mafia. The estimated net worth of this group is around $2 million. Furthermore, according to some online sources, Rob Vicious holds a personal net worth of $500 k.

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As being a rapper Rob frequently appears in consorts and shows from where he collects a good sum of money.

Shoreline Mafia

Shoreline Mafia is an American hip-hop group of California. It is officially formed in 2016 having four members name; Rob Vicious, Ohgeesy, Fenix and Chicago native master Kato.

Shoreline Mafia
Band members of Shoreline Mafia

In 2012, graffiti artist OhGessy and Fenix initially created the group. Later in 2014, Rob and Kato joined this group.

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After that, they uploaded tracks such as; Tommy By Tha Gucci, Vice City, In Tha Field, Home Invasion and so on. Likewise, in 2017 Shoreline Mafia garnered nationwide attention with the release of Musty which later garnered over 21 million plays.

Youtube; Watch the Performance of Shoreline Mafia

In addition to this, in 2018 Shoreline Mafia inked a deal with Atlantic Records. Likewise,  the band went on their Only The Xclusives tour throughout the United States. So, you wanna know the albums of this band?

A list of singles showing album

  • Musty
  • Bottle Service
  • Nun Major
  • Whass Da Deal
  • Bands
  • Foreign

Quick Facts of Rob Vicious

  • Rob Vicious was born on September 26, 1997, as Robert Maggee in the United States of America.
  • Rob hails from South Central Los Angeles.
  • His birth sign is Libra.
  • As of February 2019, he is 21 years old.