In the world of equality between men and women, men were dominating the street racing since the beginning of the sport. However, a woman of age 28, Precious Cooper proved that female can also race against men and can give them a tough time in street racing too! Know Precious Cooper married or not.

For those who missed Precious Cooper racing against a Street Outlaws’ rookie, Chuck Seitsinger in Season 9, you must watch how she blew up the entire racers of the group with a victory against Chuck. Shy and unassuming, Precious Cooper morphed into a speed-racer demon from hell in Memphis and hence, became popular as “Queen Of The Streets.”

Caption: Precious Cooper blew the hell out of Chuck and stood victorious!

Do you want to learn more about Precious Cooper wiki-bio? If then, you have arrived at the best place as today you are going to be familiar with Precious Cooper married life, her husband, Instagram account and much more.

Who is Precious Cooper? Know Her Family Background And Early Life!

Born in Osceola, Florida, Precious Cooper is a street racer introduced on the season 9 of Discovery’s racing show “Street Outlaws: Memphis” by JJ Da Boss. She made her first racing debut in Memphis against Chuck and proved that female can race against men too!

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She made her trainer JJ Da Boss proud with her victory and received a nickname “Queen Of The Streets.” Precious has also raced against Doc and Big Chief and proved herself as one of the finest street racers.

Cooper has introduced herself saying:

Before I get behind the wheel, I am a lady. I’m actually kinda shy, quiet…don’t hardly talk at all. But once I get into the race track, it’s over with. I get into the beast mode. I tunnel out, tunnel vision the whole way. I believe they can throw anybody they want to at me and I’m gonna do exactly what I’ve been doing.

Cooper belongs to a low-income family and has a family of four members. She was born to parents Ricky Cooper and Sara Cooper. She also has a younger sister whose name is Chelsea Cooper.

The weak economic condition of her family inspired her to do something big in her career so that she could be of some help in raising the living standard of her family.

Precious Cooper Journey To Street Racing Career

Precious Cooper, who has a net worth of approximately $500 thousand, was fond of cars and racing since her childhood. At the age of 19, she started to travel Memphis with JJ Da Boss to watch him race. Eventually, she decided to become a street racer and asked JJ Da Boss to train her.

JJ Da Boss trained her for over a year until she was ready to race on the track. With the basics of street cars such as checking tire pressure and strapping the cars down to the trailers, JJ Da Boss prepared her for bracket race.

Precious Cooper career
Precious Cooper with her trainer JJ Da Boss. 

Photo credit: Youtube

Cooper started street racing with an old car called “Puddle Jumper.” Eventually, she put the Memphis street in the grip and established herself as one of the finest racers on Discovery’s street racing show “Street Outlaws: Memphis.”

Her first racing debut in the show was on the 9th season of Street Outlaws. She raced against the rookie ‘Chuck’ where she stood victoriously and received a nickname “Queen Of The Streets.”

Precious Cooper Married or Dating Someone?

Cooper has always remained silent when it comes to revealing about her love life. Regarding Precious Cooper married life, whether she was married before, or divorced her husband, or still in a marriage relationship with a husband, no one knows.

She has not hinted any clue about getting married to a husband and her plan on getting married. So, people, dreaming of being Precious Cooper’s husband, might have a chance to win her heart and be her husband.

Youtube: Queen of the Streets, Precious Cooper

Similarly, she has not even gushed about having a dating affair with a boyfriend. Many people speculated JJ Da Boss to be Precious Cooper boyfriend before, but JJ Da Boss is a happily married man with a wife and children. So, he is not Precious Cooper boyfriend, but in fact, he is a mentor and like a family member to Cooper.

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Cooper has not divulged anything about her married or dating life. Stay connected with us, we will soon update you with further information on Precious Cooper’s husband or Precious Cooper’s boyfriend.

Precious Cooper Wiki-Bio; Age, Height, Birthday, Instagram & Net worth!

Born in the year 1989 in Osceola, Florida, Precious Cooper’s age is 29. She has not revealed her birthdate and height yet.

Precious Cooper received her high school education from Rivercrest High School, Wilson, Arkansas.

Precious Cooper has no official Instagram and Twitter account. So, people looking out for her husband or boyfriend on an Instagram account is useless.

Cooper also appears on Season 10 of Street Outlaws under the team of JJ Da Boss and his wife.

As of earlier 2018, Precious Cooper net worth is under review. We will update you on Precious Cooper net worth once reviewed.