Is Model And Instagram Sensation Laci Kay Somers Dating Golfer Tiger Woods? Exclusive Details Along With Her Wiki-Bio And Net Worth!

Born NameLuci Kay Somers
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.7m)
Eye ColorGreen
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ProfessionInstagram Personality, Model, Actress, Singer
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)

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Laci Kay Somers is a famous model and an Instagram sensation with over 9.9 million followers. Somers is a jack of all trades as besides being a model and an Instagram sensation, she is also a singer, actress, and a certified cosmetic nurse. The stunning blonde was an MMA fight host and a ring girl and enjoys sports as much as the typical man does.

But how is the life of such an adorable beauty queen? Is Laci Kay Somers dating a boyfriend? Or better, has she married someone already? Let’s dig into the facts and also, explore the details about Laci Kay Somers Wiki-bio and net worth!

Who is Laci Kay Somers? Details on Laci Kay Somers Career!

The 26-year-old, Laci Kay Somers is a California native blonde, who is a singer, Playboy model, actress, personal trainer, certified cosmetic nurse, and Instagram sensation.

In addition to Laci Kay Somers’ modeling career, she has been featured in Playboy and GlamRock magazine. She is also an Instagram model and has amassed over 9.9 million followers. She is also a personal trainer and a fitness model. Relating her life as an Instagram model, she said in an interview:

I consider myself a full-time influencer because I’m constantly influencing people and showcasing my personal life on a daily basis. Scheduling photo and video shoots are a lot of fun, but the “IG Model” life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Caption: Laci Kay Somers is a California-based ‘IG’ model.
Laci Kay Somers is also a singer, who according to her Facebook page, plays piano and sings every day. She has also released her song “Turn Up!” on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube on her self-titled YouTube Channel on 1st January.

As an actress, Laci Kay Somers has made her appearances on Breeyonce Superhero, Nominated, and What’s in My Pocket? For the women who want to embrace their inner beauty, Somers serves as a role model for them. Continuing her career, she will most likely inspire more women of all ages, to stay beautiful on both inside and outside, and to keep discovering themselves.

Is Laci Kay Somers Dating Tiger Woods? Or, Is She Single?

Laci Kay Somers is a dream girl for millions of men and women. Millions of fans dream of dating her and if possible, even getting married to her. Who wouldn’t want such a stunning blonde to be his wife or girlfriend?

Well, Laci Kay Somers is currently single. She has no any dating affair and has no boyfriend. Hence, Laci is open to dating and is available on the market. Feeling glad to hear!

However, it must be hard to impress and enter into her personal life as she doesn’t seem to have an interest in dating a boyfriend at present. In mid-2017, Laci told:

There are so many fake people out there who want to be around you because you’re “social media famous.” It’s difficult to find real people who are genuine and have good intentions. I keep a really tight circle these days and don’t let many people into my personal life.

Pretty tough, isn’t it? The guy who will be Laci Kay Somers boyfriend in the coming days must be the luckiest one to date such an inspiring blonde beauty.

Caption: Laci Kay Somers and Tiger Woods were rumored to be dating each other.

In 2017, Laci Kay Somers was rumored to be dating golfer Tiger Woods after the news that she was partying with him on the night of his DUI arrest swirled around.

However, the dating rumors couldn’t last long as Laci denied the rumors of her dating the golfer, to TMZ saying that she had never met Woods before nor had spoken to him. She further released a statement on her Facebook for the dismissal of her dating rumors: She posted:

There have been several rumors regarding my alleged involvement with pro golfer Tiger Woods. I want to make it very clear that I have never met him in person, never spoken to him over the phone, and have never had any interaction with him over any devices whatsoever including social media (IG and Facebook), we don’t know each other. I have never done drugs or taken any illegal substance in my entire life. I’m not sure where the rumor started that we were together, I’ve been home all weekend with my dogs and my mom. I was not partying in LA (sic) for Memorial Day weekend with him or anyone else for that matter. Please do not believe everything you read on the internet. Thank you!

Hence, Laci had no any dating affair with Tiger Woods. There are no any rumors of her dating a boyfriend at present.

Laci Kay Somers Wiki-Bio

Born in the year 1991 in California, United States, Laci Kay Somers birthday is on 7th of December. With the recent birthday celebration in December 2017, Laci Kay Somers’ age is 26 only.

At the age of 26, Laci has become a role model for millions of fans and has inspired many of them to discover themselves and to stay beautiful both on the inside and outside.

Laci has not talked much about her parents. Information about her father has always remained confined. However, she has posted a video with her mother on Instagram on the occasion of Mother’s Day in 2016. She has a sister whose name is Stefani. Her boxer puppy, Boss, also has an Instagram account.

Caption: Laci Kay Somers with her mother.

Laci Kay Somers is of Caucasian ethnicity, and her height is 5 feet 7 inches. In meters, Laci Kay Somers’ height is 1.73m.

Laci had joined in Miss California USA 2012. Her body measurement is 34-28-34. Laci Kay Somers has uploaded a Boob vlog on her YouTube Channel, where she provides the tips about plastic surgery for breast augmentations and shares her experience of plastic surgery. Her breast size is DDD.

As of earlier 2018, Laci Kay Somers net worth is under review. However, her net worth is in millions and will even rise more. So, if you have an interest in Laci Kay Somers net worth, stay tuned to us, we will soon update you on Laci Kay Somers net worth!