The former Filipino actress, Monina Bagatsing is one of the top actresses during the 90s. She made her presence known through movies like Hey Babe and Pangaka Sa’yo.

Monina was last seen in the movie The Promise as Rizza, she kept acting on the TV series since. Through her acting career, the retired actress made a huge fortune. That said, what is the exact figure of Bagatsing’s net worth? Moreover, is she dating a boyfriend or is he in a married relationship with his wife? We are unfolding answers to all these questions under the following subheadings.

How Much is Monina Bagatsing’s Net Worth?

Monina Bagatsing holds an estimated net worth of ₱1.6 million (equivalent to $30k). The former actress earned her fortune through her previous profession in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, her younger brother RK Bagatsing has an approximated net worth of ₱38 million.

Monina Bagatsing with her co-worker
Monina Bagatsing with her co-worker,
Source: Philnews

Moving on to her incomes, the former actress reportedly earned ₱250k per episodes in her TV series. Moreover, the average pay of a successful actor/actress in the Philippines is ₱200k per episode and a typical actor makes about ₱300k annually.

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As of 2019, she resides in San Fransico, California living a normal life away from her previous lavish lifestyle.  Living away from the spotlight makes it hard to speculate the assets she owns. Furthermore, Monina currently lives with her partner but it is unclear if they already tied the knot or not. In order to know more about her dating status, let’s jump into the next section right below.

The Former Actress, Monina Bagatsing Living with a Boyfriend?

In 2017, the YouTube channel Showbiz na Showbiz uploaded a video explaining what’s going on with Monina Bagatsing’s life. The fact of the matter is the retired actress seems to be living with her partner in the United States. But it is unclear when the duo started their affairs. As a matter of fact, she does not even reveal the name of her boyfriend.

Monina Bagatsing with her Partner
Monina Bagatsing with her Partner,
Source: Philnews

Observing the given picture, we are sure that Monina’s boyfriend is either a Filipino or at least an Asian. Leaving behind all of the fame and glamor of her celebrity lifestyle, Monina is happy with the life she currently leads. Moreover, if she wanted to return to her previous lifestyle of a celebrity she can achieve it with the help of her two brothers Raymond Batagsing and RK Bagatsing.

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Well, whatever makes her happy, we wish the actress a good life and all the best regards to her future endeavors. Likewise, we hope she finds her happiness in the normal life she leads.

Quick Facts of Monina Bagatsing

How old is Monina Bagatsing?

The early-30s to mid-30s

What are the names of Monina Bagatsing’s parents?

Father: Roman “Boy” Bagatsing Jr. and Mother: Marilou Bagatsing

What are the names of Monina Bagatsing’s siblings?

Brothers: Raymond Bagatsing and RK Bagatsing

What is Monina Bagatsing’s nationality?


What is Monina Bagatsing’s ethnicity?


What is Monina Bagatsing’s hair color?


Which color are Monina Bagatsing’s eyes?

Dark Brown