American pianist and professor Milos Mihajlovic is famous as the former fiance of the famous actress and filmmaker Brittani Taylor. Mihajlovic and Taylor had a blissful relationship, however, they later separated after two years of engagement.

Notwithstanding his personal life, Mihajlovic is also a famous pianist and professor. As a pianist, he performed at several grand stages in Serbia and also taught at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Well, in this article let’s find out more about Miahajlovic’s career and personal life.

Who Is Milos Mihajlovic? Age, Parents, and Early Life

Milos Mihajlovic is a Serbian pianist and professor. He is famous for performing at several grand theatres in Serbia. He is also a famous professor at the Belgrade University of Arts, which was the same university from where Mihajlovic graduated. Further, he was born on June 1, 1978, in Niš, Serbia. As of now, he is 42 years old.

Besides his career, Mihajlovic is also famous as the former fiance of the famous actress Brittani Taylor. The actress shared a relationship with Mihajlovic for a couple of years and also had a son from their relationship.

Milos Mihajlovic Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Milos Mihajlovic possesses a net worth of $1 million. Mihajlovic gathered his fortune from his career as a Pianist and University professor. Similarly, he performs at several grand stages and teaches at the University of Arts in Belgrade through which he earns a satisfying income for himself.

Mihajlovic began teaching at the University of Arts in Belgrade Faculty of Music in the Piano Division. He started teaching in 2001 as an assistant until November 2005 when he was appointed as a Docent at the University. In April 2014, Mihajlovic was promoted to an associate professor at the University. After the promotion, he had a significant increase in his payroll and generated an income of $126 thousand to $136 thousand annually.

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Mihajlovic, furthermore, started his career in music as a recitalist and soloist in Piano. He performed orchestras at several stages including, the Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolorac Endowment, Gallery of Serbian Academy. He also performed outside the country in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy, Spain, Greece.

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The pianist also performed at various music festivals such as Belgrade Music Festival, NIMBUS, International Contemporary Music Festival. Moreover, he made average earnings of $25 thousand to $40 thousand annually performing at the stages.

Milos Mihajlovic Personal Life: Is He Dating?

Milos Mihajlovic is not dating anyone currently. Mihajlovic may be involved in a secret relationship, however, there is no formal confirmation about his relationships. He did not openly get with someone after separating from his former fiance.

Milos Mihajlovic with his ex-girlfriend, Brittani Taylor
Milos Mihajlovic with his ex-girlfriend, Brittani Taylor
Image Source: FamouFix

The pianist was engaged to the American actress and filmmaker Brittani Taylor in the past. The former couple started dating in April 2015 until their engagement in 2016. Brittani and Mihajlovic, however, separated in March 2017, a year after their engagement. Henceforth, the star remained single. Also, visit his Instagram.

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The former couple also has a son from his relationship. Their son Misha Robert was born on 6th December 2016. In addition, Brittani is currently taking custody of their son and is living with him.

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