Many people recognize Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker from 13 Reasons Why who is a sadistic person, guilty of rape. Justin, in reality, is nothing like that character. He is an emotional guy who once cried after reading the suicide note of a teenager.

Prentice is very committed to his work and for the portrayal of the role of Bryce Walker, he visited many psychiatrists to understand how a rapist acts like and what mentality does a rapist have. So, there is no doubt that he is a real gem in the TV series line.

Who is Justin Prentice?

Justin Prentice is a famous American actor and producer famous for his role of Bryce Walker on Selena Gomez‘s production Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why. He worked alongside Devin Druid, Chelsea AldenBrandon Larracuente and Katherine Langford as his co-actors in this series. Justin earned fame with his role as Bryce in the comedy tv series Those Who Cant.

Justin is famous for his role of Bryce Walker on the Netflix tv series 13 Reasons Why.
Justin Prentice is a popular American TV star.
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The popular TV star, Justin appeared on various TV series, such as iCarly, Victorious, Melissa and Joey, The Middle, and Criminal Minds. Moreover, he got his first break in 2008 and has appeared in a short video Store Front in the role of a Cookie Boy.

Justin Prentice’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Justin Prentice owns an estimated net worth of about $2.5 million as of 2019 whereas his co-star of TV series, 13 Reasons Why, Miles Heizer has the fortune of $2 million. Prentice’s salary per episode for 13 Reasons Why was $50,000 at the beginning. Later when the series reached the peak his salary increased to $135,000 per episode in season 3.

Prentice owns a Ford 4×4 Off Road truck which costs around $40,000 in the USA.  He also has two mountaineering bicycles and also two rafting boats along with that. He also has a pet dog which he named as Gracie.

Prentice is very active in social profile such as Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram @justin.prentice provides him with estimated earnings of $3,067.5 – $5,112.5 per post.

Justin Prentice’s Personal Life: Is He Dating Someone?

Regarding Justin Prentice’s dating affairs, he is in a relationship with a German-born actress, Annika Pampel. He confirmed his relationship with Annika in an interview. Since then the duo has been spending some quality time together. They keep sharing their moments on Instagram.

Their relationship started as friends which we can see from this post. Later their bond of friendship turned into love. And now the couple is happily enjoying their love life.

Prentice hasn’t dated any girls in the past besides Annika. The duo is maintaining a peaceful relationship without any rumors of a separation. Annika expressed how lucky she feels to have Justin in her life and their relationship is amazing.

Annika and Justin, however, have not posted any latest photos of them together in 2019 so it seems they are confusing the media outlets regarding their current relationship status. Therefore, it is very hard to know if they have decided to separate or they are still entangled in the love bond.

Justin Prentice’s Body Measurements

Justin Prentice possesses a height of 5 feet and 7 inches which is 5 inches shorter than Devin Druid, who played the role of Tyler in 13 Reasons Why. He weighs around 89 kg and has hazel eyes and brown hair.

Justin weighs around 89 kg
Justin Prentice has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.
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Prentice has maintained a strong robust physique, the credit for which goes to his daily routine of hard work in the gym.

Quick Facts of Justin Prentice

Where is Justin Prentice originally from?

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

What is the nationality of Justin Prentice?


Which ethnicity does Justin Prentice follow?


What is the eye color of Justin Prentice?


What color hair does Justin Prentice have?



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