At the age of 39, the Canadian born global actress Lindy Booth is rumored to have married secretly and to be living with her husband, children, and family.

Even if not married, Lindy Booth is dating a boyfriend behind her busy acting career in movies and TV shows. Are these rumors true or just rumors?

Does this movie celebrity ever give any similar hints, posts, pictures on Instagram dating a boyfriend, celebrating any birthday party with her husband, family, and children? She could be too busy focused on her career to have a boyfriend and settle with a husband; this might be the strongest fact.

You must like to know in detail about her life behind the screens. Keep your eyes on the article we have for you.

Is Lindy Booth Dating Her Boyfriend? Know Whether She Is Married and Has a Husband

Lindy Booth prefers keeping her personal life to herself. Has Lindy Booth kept her boyfriend and husband inside her own closet then? Nothing can be said for certainty. At the age of 39, Lindy Booth must have been engaged with a boyfriend if not married and settled with family and children.

Lindy Booth and Julian Morris
Lindy Booth and Julian Morris

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There are not any strong facts which either support the rumor that Lindy Booth is married, has a husband, and living with her children and family, or, that she is single and looking for a boyfriend and will soon be engaged to be married and bear children.

Who the boyfriend is she is in love with is not open, but she is in love with her birth land Canada.

Lindy Booth Wiki Bio: Age and Canada Background

Lindy Booth was born in the Ontario state of Canada on April 2, 1979. She graduated the high school education from a local school in Oakville, Ontario. As of now, she is 39

Occasionally Lindy Booth posts pictures of her on Instagram showing her love for her home country. The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s temporary tattoo on her arm and the Canadian national flag covering her upper body in the Instagram picture don’t need further elucidation.

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Of course, a global actress like she doesn’t get stuck to one nationality as she has to seek supporters from all the English speaking nations like the USA, Australia, or the UK.

Lindy Booth Movies and TV Shows

Lindy Booth’s deep interest in acting and movie career sought proper platform since her childhood. While she was in school, she used to act in school dramas and plays. After graduating from school, she was found fitting herself in the horror, action, and mystery dramas like Century Hotel, The Skulls 2, Wrong Turn, Behind the Wall, and Cry Wolf. She had cast in the remade version of Dawn of the Dead. Among her other well-known TV series and movies are The Famous Jett Jackson, Relic Hunter, Silverstone, and Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows.

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Lindy Booth’s most famous and recent contribution is in Kick-Ass 2. Her upcoming movie is The Librarians in which she costars Rebecca Romjin. Lindy Booth Instagram pictures of The Librarians costumes and filming locations are already drawing the audiences to the theater. Her acting credits also goes in some of the guest appearances in CSI: NY, Ghost Whisperer, and Supernatural.