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Sally Boazman is not an unfamiliar name for you. If you’ve been following her for long, then her face is also not unusual. We guess Sally Boazman’s family and married life has remained inside her closet with not much information about Sally Boazman’s husband.

The BBC personality who has more than 20 years of employment history in the top-notch media house hardly appears in public with her husband and family. We can doubt whether she is single at the moment, the fact that she has a son verifies she was already married in the past. How about her present married life and her relationship with her husband? How is her family life going?

Scroll down the article on your PC or simply slide it up on your mobile set also to find out more about Sally Boazman’s career in media, salary, and net worth including Sally Boazman’s family, married life, and her relationship with her son and husband.

Sally Boazman: Age, Birthday, and Family

The British radio traffic reporter was born on September 13, 1957 (age 63 years), in the United Kingdom. Sally Boazman was raised by her caring and supportive parents whose information is not available at the moment. As far as we know, she has a sibling, Sonny Black.

The Snippet of Sally Boazman

The Snippet of Sally Boazman
Image Source: The Right Address

As of now, she lives in London with her family. The 63-years-old reporter belongs to British nationality where White is her ethnicity.

Sally Boazman Family: Has a Son; Whereabouts of the Husband?

Sally Boazman sounds like a good BBC reporter; continues her 18th year’s service at the international radio based in the UK. Rather than thinking of approaching retirement, she appears to be perfectly balancing her family and career.

No scandalous news ever, and a non-stop career at BBC for 18 years. Sally has a musician son, Harry, in her family. Still, we are not sure of the whereabouts of the child’s father.

Sally Boazman hugging someone. Who could he be, any guesses?

Sally Boazman hugging someone. Who could he be, any guesses?
Image Source: bbc.co.uk

Sally loves traveling and becoming like what she sees. Strange is the fact she is never seen traveling with her husband. Nor does she ever mentions her husband when she recalls the most beautiful time in her life.

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Sally Boazman’s husband has never been her ideal traveling companion. She likes traveling with herself, not with anyone.

I like my own company, so travelling by myself isn’t a dread. There are always surprises, chance meetings and joys to behold. Taking the other half is fine too – a bit of romance goes a long way.

While she busied herself preparing and presenting information of the outside world, that of her own inside world has remained almost hidden.

Is Sally Boazman dating secretly then? Why doesn’t she speak much about her husband?

Sally Boazman is a popular BBC Radio 2 reporter and anchor. Her voice is sexy and her body figure also attractive. At the age of 61, Sally Boazman is irresistible.

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Won’t be a surprise if she is dating somebody and having any relationship with someone other than her husband. What’s her own opinion on dating and seducing men? Boazman is not careless about how people care about her. She is aware, people admire her. She even gives tips on how to remain noticed. A conversation with Sally Boazman in the Express:

Expose your good bits and hide the bad ones. My legs and boobs are quit good, so I think if people can see a bit of those it distracts them from the rest of my body.

While she maintains her appearance to be noticed, what is her actual dating affair like? Is she trying to seduce and invite men for dating? Why does she remain silent about her husband? Regarding her sex appeal, in a conversation with the Express, she herself speaks about her thus:

Sometimes I usually disappoint them (her audiences) because I have a young, sexy voice but the reality is that I’m old and unsexy.

She has never talked about anything related to her husband and has maintained to remain silent till now. It seems that Sally is quite secretive when it comes to her personal life.

Net Worth and Salary

Sally Boazman’s stable career has been at BBC Radio Two since 1999. But the BBC Radio Two was not her entry job in media and mass communication. She had tried for acting first. Soon, she herself realized she was not made for that, ended her job at London Weekend TV.

She then sought her career as a reporter narrating the road traffic incidents and news for AA Roadwatch. Then her career knock stepped up to the door of the local BBC station for London where again she was doing the same job of traffic reporting.

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Sally Boazman has spent more than twenty years in a radio and TV anchoring job, and her income is all from her journalist career salary. As of now, she has more than 8 million listeners. Considering that, we believe that she has able to gain both a fan base and a heavy amount of salary.

The exact figure of her net accumulated wealth is a sum to be calculated. We will shortly update it after the calculated amount is made available. Besides that, she is not available on any social media platforms.

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