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Is Lauren Bushnell Dating Someone? She Called Off Her Wedding With Ben Higgins Recently!

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The winner of ‘The Bachelor,’ Lauren Bushnell is a hot topic for now. Not only her, but also her partner Ben Higgins is on media’s limelight. We all were very keen to see this duo’s married life but their relationship came to an end. The whole world was lured when their marriage was called off. Most of us are still searching for the reason of their breakup as well. In this column, we will be discussing about Lauren Bushnell dating life and also the reason of her recent dump!

Rumours and Facts: Lauren Bushnell Called Off Her Wedding with Ben Higgins

If you are not sure whether the news is true or just another rumour, it is true that their wedding ceremony will never be celebrated. We all know how Higgins proposed her with diamond engagement ring, but the pair was never meant to be. They just took a different path now.

Diamond Ring Bought By Ben for Lauren

Wait, so why is this new show on their name running then. ‘Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After,’ is it just a joke? It was Ben who proposed her, and he was the one to announce to be with her forever. Then, why it is Ben to call off their marriage?

According to Lauren, Ben cleared about the need of time before marriage. It would have been nice if they tie knot faster, but Ben asked for time to build understanding. One question still arises, the man who was not able to understand his girlfriend for this long time; will he be able to know her perfectly taking time now??? Poor Lauren, the way Ben treated JoJo Fletcher, she also ended up in same way with love completely shattered.

Is Lauren Bushnell Dating Someone After Split?

Soon after the news of the pair about marriage drop, people began speculated them to be in affair with some other person. To prove it, the duo was asked about the current status. Ben and Lauren both claimed their relationship to be same as before. Further, they also mentioned that both are still couple, only their marriage is called off.

‘We are taking some time to understand each other better.’

With this statement, the pair went off. Like mentioned in Life and Style Mag; I too think this couple to be faking their love life just to get some extra attention.