Kristen Bell and Spouse Dax Shephard Debut Baby Product Line With Walmart

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Kristen Bell and Husband Dax Shepard launched new plant-based baby product line!

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard do parenting with a twist of fun. In fact, The couple recently announced the launch of their new plant-based baby product line, named Hello Bello.

Reportedly, the pair collaborated with famous names like Sean Kane, Jay McGraw, and Jennifer Pullen for the new line. The collection includes baby lotion, sunscreen, wipes, laundry detergent, and diapers.

The Hello Bello line also keeps the well-being of the environment in mind, as the varied product line only uses renewable, plant-based ingredients for the manufacturing process. In addition, The diapers consume less material than traditional diapers and do an excellent job with absorption.

Actually, The inspiration to create the line came from the couple’s two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

Bell told People,

“As a mom of two, I know how beautifully messy parenthood can be, and that’s why we created Hello Bello—a line of premium, super-effective baby care products to take care of your kids from head to butt to toe,”

Kristen Bell and Husband Dax Shepard: Honest Parenting

The Veronica Mars star Kristel Bell and Dax Shepard have two beautiful daughters 5-year-old Lincoln, and Delta who is  4 years of age. As a matter of fact, The girls sure are providing their parents with some big-kid like challenges.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the couple said Lincoln asked where babies come from, on Monday. Subsequently, The fun-loving couple took off on an adventure to confront her question with reality.

Shepard said.

“We went through the anatomy, penis, vagina, ovum, sperm. We’re laying it all out. We get right to the good part,”

while Bell added,

“… Right to the good part, And she’s like, all right, I gotta go outside.”

Shepard told the host,

“And she bailed,”

Fans sure love hearing this couple’s stories and respect their love for the environment that they showcased through the launch of the new organic baby-product line.