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David Sanov is an American who came into the spotlight after he married Alison Sweeney. David leads a life away from the entertainment industry, however, due to his wife, he gained huge fame.

The handsome hunk, David Sanov managed to lead a successful career in law enforcement. Learn more about his net worth and earning in this article down below.

How Much is David Sanov’s Net Worth?

David Sanov holds an estimated net worth of $200 thousand, his wife, on the other hand, Alison Sweeney owns a net worth of $10 million. With their combined money, the loving couple shares a net worth of $10.2 million. He makes most of his cash through his career as a police officer in California.

Alison Sweeney with her husband David Sanov along with her son and daughter
Alison Sweeney with her husband David Sanov along with her son and daughter,
Source: zimbo

Moving on to his salary, the average pay of a cop is $56k per year. Similarly, his spouse earns from her career as an actress, her most notable role in the Days of Our Life TV show. Furthermore, she made $5000 per episodes on that show.

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As of 2019, David enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life with his wife in California. However, due to the lack of his online activity, it’s hard to determine his own assets. But taking things like his and his wife’s wealth, he must be living in a lavish house and drive an expensive car. 

Now, as of 2020, David Sanov holds a net worth of $250 thousand. While his wife, Alison Sweeny holds a fortune of $12 million. Together, the pair holds, $12.25 million

David Sanov’s Married Life! Did He Divorce?

David Sanov tied the knot with Alison Sweeney on June 8, 2000. The couple dated for eighteen years before exchanging their vows in an intimate ceremony. Besides, only their close friends and family were invited on their big day.

David Sanov with is family
David Sanov with his family.
Source: E News

The loving duo leads a very happy married life, therefore, divorce is out of the question. These loving life partners found their soulmate in each other with no controversies or rumors of any extramarital affairs.

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David and his wife Alison welcomed two beautiful children in their wedded life. Moreover, they gave birth to their first baby a son Benjamin Sanov on February 25, 2005. And these lovey-dovey partners brought a healthy daughter Megan Sanov to this world in 2009.

Quick Facts of David Sanov

How old is David Sanov?

The mid-40s to Late-40s

What is David Sanov’s nationality?


Which ethnicity does David Sanov belong to?


Which school did David Sanov graduate from?

Oakland School in North Hollywood

Which college did David Sanov graduate from?

The University of California

What is David Sanov’s height?

6 feet 1 inch

How much does David Sanov weigh?

80 Kilograms

What is David Sanov’s hair color?


Which color are David Sanov’s eyes?


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