The Brazilian YouTube star Kefera Buchmann was dating Rafael Sanchez before. Now Kefera says she has broken up with Tacyo Munhoz. Who’s her next boyfriend?

Also get the details of Kefera Buchmann wiki along with Kefera net worth as of 2017.

Kefera Buchmann Dating History, Is she married?

Dating a celebrity of your dream could remain a dream if they remain stuck with a single boyfriend, girlfriend, let alone when they are married. But, when it is a dating fond like the Brazilian YouTube Star Kefera Buchmann, your hopes blossom. Don’t believe? Forswear!!!

Kefera has changed two boyfriends within a year, and she is just at the age of 24. If this rate continues, will you go ahead in your queue of dating her? On a video published on October 22, 3 days ago, she publicly notifies all that she has broken her relationship with her new boyfriend, Tacyo Munhoz.

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“Unfortunately, this is the second time we have done this, but you need to know. The relationship of Kéfera and Tacyo Munhoz has come to an end! Or why? You now check.”


Her followers compile the snap on Instagram about her dating relationship with her boyfriend trying to comfort this celebrity and her followers too.

Passing his comments under Kefera’s tweet, Kefera’s new latest boyfriend has said they broke up because their relationships didn’t work well. However, he rejects the raised allegation that he ever wanted to blackmail his celebrity girlfriend’s public life. He was more concerned about running his own business rather than taking advantage of Kefera’s public life.

Kefera’s new boyfriend recalls the beautiful dating events between them and signals that he will never come in between Kefera’s new dating events. What’s up then?

This is not the first time Kefera Buchmann breaks up with a boyfriend. She had already dated two other guys. Kefera Buchmann was dating Rafael Sanchez and Gustavo Horn before. They broke up in consensus.

Then, who is Kefera dating now?

Kefera is single now. Given that she has already dated three boyfriends: Gustavo Horn, Rafael Sanchez, and Tacyo Munhoz, she will definitely not remain single for a long while. Questions are whether she will rejoin her relationships with the ex-boyfriends or will she head for new relationships?

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Kefera Buchmann dating history shows she does not go back with her dating relationships. Maybe because she likes new tastes or maybe she can’t resist new proposes. Good news for those who may wish to make a relationship with Kefera. Also, Kefera Buchmann is not married as of now, but might be in search of her future husband with who she can have an intimate wedding.

Kefera Buchmann wiki-bio and net worth

Kefera Buchmann, the Brazilian vlogger, writer, YouTuber, and TV presenter is taken to be the first female celebrity channel to reach cross one million subscribers. Born in 1993 in Brazil, Kefera Buchmann birthday is January 25. Thinking of giving a dating invitation on her birthday?

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One of the most promising young girl in Brazil as Forbes magazine elects in 2016, her net worth is in millions likely to reach billions.

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Her popularity on YouTube and TV shows have made her change it into net worth values in dollars as per the viewer’s count which is a sum calculated in millions. But Kefera Buchmann net worth exact figure is still under review.