Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie directed movie First They Killed My Father (2017) actress Sveng Socheata is said to be dating an army officer. Sveng Socheata denies this rumor. But, she repeatedly confesses that she is not satisfied with her husband.

Sveng Socheata is a Cambodian actress who was married and bore 3 children. But, she did not stick to her husband. She preferred dating her boyfriend and an army officer as well. Though she denied her relationships with the officer when the rumor spread.

Is Sveng Socheata dating the army officer?

Sveng Socheata intimacy with the army officer paved the way to the end of her married life. Sveng Socheata husband had even filed a case against her accusing her to be unfaithful.

During the inception of her dating with the army officer, she denied all the news. When the news spread, First They Killed My Father heroine tended to conceal their relationship. About her affair, Sveng Socheata quoted in The Phnom Penh Post dated 2012.

 “People were just looking about me and the best man while we were sitting next to the bride and the groom. … I got to know him through being introduced by the groom. I don’t know if he is married. I don’t know whether he has any feelings toward me,”

Angelina Jolie’s actress’s interest in the officer didn’t take rest in the wedding ceremony. Maybe they dated secretly and Sveng even became pregnant. Her husband had to file a complaint against her for becoming unfaithful to him. Finally, their relationship broke.

Sveng Socheata became pregnant by the army officer!

Although Sveng Socheata denied she was in the relationship with the army officer whom she met in her relative’s wedding ceremony, the development of the incidents show she was in an extramarital affair with the most handsome man of the ceremony. The one-sided news accuses only her husband of being brutal, but there may be some point in her husband’s complaint too.

She has even confessed that she was pregnant by the officer. She also had broken her relationship with one another guy named Kong Sophora. “If we live together, things will get more serious”, she was quoted saying.

Has Sveng Socheata divorced? Who is she dating now?

Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father actress does not have a pleasant relationship with her husband. Both of them accuse one another. More than love, it looks like contentious. Husband accusing the wife of being unfaithful and the wife complaining of being brutal and human rights violation.

Has Sveng Socheata divorced with her husband? What about  Sveng Socheata Kids?

In a recent news published on The Phnom Penh Post, the Cambodian actress reveals that her husband frequently threatens to kill her and her baby son. From The Phnom Penh Post:

Sveng Socheata, 38, on Saturday filed a complaint with police against Thong Sokhom, 27, her husband and a traditional healer, alleging he threatened to “behead” her and their toddler son with a meat cleaver and an axe. “He threatened to kill me … He intended to kill me many times,” she said yesterday, explaining she had kept quiet out of shame and to protect her privacy. “This time, I won’t shut up. I must tell the public.”

With her complaint registered in the police office, the authorities tried to settle their dispute. Socheata’s husband “thumbprinted a document promising not to attack her again”, writes The Phnom Penh Post. The couple tried to reconcile in compromise not giving any signals whether they were going to divorce.

Is Sveng Socheata dating the army officer right now?

Sveng Socheata liking of the army officer whom she met in a wedding ceremony is not a secret. She would love dating him if he gives Sveng a lift. She calls him “the best man” of the wedding ceremony.

Her interest in making love with him are indirectly expressed in her own words, but, she only looks for the green signal from the officer. “I got to know him through being introduced by the groom. I don’t know if he is married. I don’t know whether he has any feelings toward me,” says the First They Killed My Father actress.

Sveng Socheata married life is not so good and she is interested in men. That’s for sure. Whether she is having any extramarital relationship right now, she wants to keep all secret. After her bloody dispute with her husband, she is in search of a good partner and does not hesitate to have better relationship after breaking a worse.

Socheata’s movies and career

During the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, everything recessed including the film industry which affected this First They Killed My Father actress also.

Despite the recession, Socheata is well known as the actress of the Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood movie First They Killed My Father (2017). Her Cambodian populars are Mind Cage (2016), and AirWaves (2010 TV Series). Her upcoming movie is Hex (2018).

Caption: Sveng Socheata’ lead Mind Cage (2016)

Sveng Socheata’s wiki bio and net worth

One of the most prominent Cambodian actresses, Sveng Socheata’s age is 38. She was born in Cambodia in 1979 and sought her career in acting.

Sveng Socheata is fond of dating and having relationships with males. She is known to have dated three guys till her age. Behind the curtain, not sure. Sveng Socheata is married and has three children.

She does not have so many followers on social sites. Sveng Socheata net worth is all through her film and TV acting. What is Sveng Socheata net worth is not revealed in amounts maybe in millions. We will shortly disclose the update.

Caption: Angelina Jolie speaks about First They Killed My Father.