Kate DeAraugo is an Australian citizen who came to fame after winning the Australian Idol in 2005. Before winning bagging the award, she used to teach swimming as well.

The Swimming teacher Kate DeAraugo auditioned in both first and second season of the Idol but failed. As they say, third time is the charm. Learn more about her salary and net worth in this article down below.

How Much is Kate DeAraugo’s Net Worth?

The Australian singer, Kate DeAraugo holds an estimated net worth of $1.4 million as of 2019. Additionally, she mostly earns her money through her career as a singer and a songwriter.

Kate DeAraugo posing for a photo.
Kate DeAraugo posing for a photo.
Source: Instagram

Moving on to her income, her debut single “Maybe Tonight” released on November 27, 2005, which made a sale of 20,307 copies. Likewise, it even stayed in the top fifty for thirteen weeks continuously.

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The 33-year-old songwriter holds multiple platinum singles and album. What’s more, a platinum single makes about $100k and with a platinum album, an artist earns roughly $250k.

Kate DeAraugo Drug Addiction

Even though Kate DeAraugo won the season three of Australian Idol and found success in the music industry she currently struggles to drive her life back on track. After a nasty break up with her boyfriend, she suffered from an eating disorder and gained a bit of weight.

Kate DeAraugo taking a photo in a white shirt.
Kate DeAraugo taking a photo in a white shirt.
Source: Instagram

After gaining weight, judge Kyle Sandilands stated that she possessed truckstop lady arms on live TV and underwent depression. Later on, she started taking crystal methamphetamine or ice and addicted to the drug.

Kate DeAraugo’s Drug Confession on a Show

Back in 2017, she was arrested for possessing crystal methamphetamine, tomahawk, and a large knife. But as they say, there is a silver lining in every cloud, after her arrest, she stayed clean for almost two years now.

Kate DeAraugo; How is her personal life going?

One of the most famous singers in Australia, Kate DeAraugo currently lives a quiet life and she is believed to be single. But, due to her silence, we can only guess her relationship status.

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The former swimming teacher was in a relationship in the past, nevertheless, the identity of ex-lover remains relatively unknown for now. The devastation she went through indicates that they were in a long relationship. Even now the reason behind their break up is a mystery.

Quick Facts of Kate DeAraugo

How old is Kate DeAraugo?

33 Years Old

What are the names of Kate’s parents?

Paul DeAraugo (Father) Susan DeAraugo (Mother)

What are the names of Kate DeAraugo’s siblings?

Alex DeAraugo (Brother) Eliza DeAraugo (Sister)

What is Kate DeAraugo’s nationality?


Which ethnicity does Kate DeAraugo belong to?


What is DeAraugo’s hair color?


Which color are DeAraugo’s eyes?