Like father like son, there are certain stereotypes our society is still holding on. However, this doesn’t seem to apply in case of renowned rapper, father Sean Combs and son Justin Dior Combs.

Justin Dior Combs is famous as a rising football player who has had a plethora of dating affairs. The young man has already dated many famous women. Currently, is he dating any special girl? Who are the ladies who he dated in the past? In this page, know more details about his girlfriends, baby, net worth, cars, and such other details.

Who is Justin Dior Combs’ Girlfriend?

Justin Dior Combs is not dating anyone and living a single life at the moment. Neither is he in any kind of marital relationship nor is he dating anyone at the moment.

Justin, however, was not single in the past. He is always on the top notch for intimate dating affairs. Till date, he is in relationships with many famous women. Sadly, any of the relationships didn’t last any longer than some months.

Combs firstly dated his girlfriend, actress Paige Hurd in 2010. After being in a lovey-dovey relationship for about ten months, the pair parted ways in 2011.

No soon after the end of the first relationship, the star again fell in love with the model, Chantel Jeffries in the end of year 2011. However, luck didn’t favor him in this affair as well. The pair broke up in October 2012.

Chantel Jeffries and Justin Combs,

Source: Whosdatedwho 

In October 2014, he dated social media personality, India Westbrooks. Unluckily, their relationship lasted for a couple of months as they broke up in the first month of 2015.

India Westbrooks and Justin Combs,

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The handsome man also encountered other beautiful ladies, Briona Mae (2012), Saweetie and Tania Torres. As for his recent affairs, he dated Lori Harvey in 2018 and separated after three months of intimacy.

Is Justin Dior Combs Gay?

From Justin Dior Combs multiple hookups and breakups from the past, many fans are speculating him as Gay. After a series of separation, the internet took a toll on him and his fans questioned his sexual orientation. So, is he really Gay?

Well, since Justin hasn’t shown any signs of being Gay, he can’t be called one! He has kept his sexual preferences to himself.

Justin Dior’s Personal Life

Even though Justin Dior is quite young, he acts as a committed man for his duties as the godfather to a baby girl, Ryder K.

Justin Combs with goddaughter Ryder K., 

Justin’s goddaughter, Ryder K was born on 7th April 2017. If the truth be told, the baby girl is the daughter of Justin’ friend Corey Wharton and his partner Cheyenne.

Dior recently went through a piece of devastating news. His father, Sean Diddy‘s former partner Kim Porter died aged 47. She died due to a cardiac arrest. The lady was also battling with pneumonia for several weeks before she expired on 15 November 2018.

Justin Dior Combs’ Controversies

Justin Dior Combs’ father Puffy Diddy AKA Sean Diddy trended on the internet for his arrest news in 2015. The rapper was arrested after allegedly assaulting UCLA football coach of Justin.

According to TMZ, the coach Sal Alosi screamed at Justin during his strength and conditioning sessions, while Sean watched from the sideline.

When the rapper Diddy discussed with the coach in his office, Diddy attacked him with a Kettlebell. Luckily, there were no serious casualties.

YouTube: Check Out Justin Dior Combs father Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Diddy was released after posting $50K bail. Similarly, he was charged with three counts of using a deadly weapon and one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery.

What is Justin Dior Combs’ Net Worth?

As of 2019, Justin Dior Combs has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. However, he enjoys a net worth of $550 million from his parents’ riches.

Justin Dior,

Source: Famous People

Growing into a wealthy family, Justin was criticized for accepting football as his career. His dedication and talented football skills helped him win a football scholarship valued at $54,000 to study and play football at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Alongside his passion for sports, the young man debuted in a TV show, My Super Sweet 16. In addition, he appeared in the theatrical film, Date with a Hammer. Rising in the acting field also, he summons his impressive revenue.

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Justin is an avid party lover and spends millions of bucks throwing grand parties. In addition, he drives several expensive cars like Bentley and Ferrari. Moreover, he owns a Maybach car worth $36oK. The luxurious car was gifted by his father on his 16 birthday.

Justin Combs,

My Super Sweet 16‘s actor is involved in several sponsorship and endorsement deals. Through regular ads and endorsements on his Instagram, he earns $2,946.75 to $4,911.25 per ads post.

Quick Facts About Justin Dior Combs

How tall is Justin Dior Combs?

5 feet 7 inches

What is  Justin Dior Combs weight?

77 kg

What is Justin Dior Combs’ age?

25 years

Who are Justin Dior Combs’ parents?

Sean Combs and Misa Hylton Brim

Who are Justin Dior Combs’ siblings?

Quincy (1991), Christian Casey Combs (born 1998), Madison Brim ( 6, 1998), Niko Brim( 14, 1997)

What is Justin Dior Combs’ star sign?


What is Justin Dior Combs’ nationality?


What is Justin Dior Combs’ ethnicity?

African American

Which university did Justin Dior Combs attend?

University of California, Los Angeles