It’s natural for fans and followers to search for young talented celebrities in today’s world. If he/she is seen with someone or opposite sex, a person starts speculating him/her to be in love. As our human mind is always curious about such things, we are always in a run for such information. Whether he or she is in love or is married, we tend to find each and every data of our favorite celebrity.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau is also someone who is highly perceived and searched for his personal information. For the fans and followers who want to know whether he has a girlfriend, or is he dating secretly or is married secretly, we have compiled some of his private information. If you desire to know the fact, stay put!

Is Jean-Luc Bilodeau Dating Someone or Is Married?

Bilodeau is love and crush of thousands of girls all around the world. What’s eye-catching about him is his charming face, muscular body, and his humorous attitude. For whom there are thousands of girls, has he became love for one? Well, as he loves answering subtly, it is still a mystery.

However, he once opened up about his dating life with The People Magazine back in the year 2016.  He gave the statement about the love life that brings heartbreak and sometimes fatherhood.

He mentioned that once he felt heartbreak. What he mentioned about heartbreak was:

‘I was very young back then, I am now too. So, I think I may feel heartbreak again.’

‘No one wants to get hurt, so now I am enjoying single life.’

However, some wiki sites claim. Bilodeau to be in a relationship before. As mentioned in that source, he was linked up with Emmalyn Estrada starting from the year 2010 to the year 2014.

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It is also claimed that they became close after working for the video named ‘Don’t Make Me Let You Go.’ As there was no official announcement, we think Emmalyn was the one to break Jean-Luc’s heart. But, we cannot confirm as only Jean knows who his past love was.


As of 2022, Jean-Luc Bilodeau is dating Elise LeBlanc. They have been together for more than a year. We can see them posting anniversary pictures in their Instagram acconts.

Jean-Luc Loves His Reality Show Daughters

Although he hasn’t turned parent in his real life, he is a father of a baby daughter in series. In that series, he plays as Ben Wheeler and he has a child. We can see how good he is as a father in TV as well as through his Instagram account. He frequently shares pics with his baby co-star. Here is one you can look into:

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TV father daughter time

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Jean might be too busy on his career or he might be restraining himself from being involved in love. He is not dating as for now, but we will surely be updating you if he starts hanging out with someone!