We have seen large number of celebrities like Rhonda Worthey and Shantel VanSanten who are too conscious about their personal affairs and hid them in a secret box. But there are some celebrities who do give a hint of their love life keeping all the information aside. We are talking about Josie Davis who loves to keep her life a low-key but at the same time also gives hints to her fans and followers. She uses social media to reveal her information. Today we will be discussing about Josie Davis dating life, her boyfriend’s name and also if she has married secretly or not.

Is Josie Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Josie, who is best known for her acts in Charles in Charge, is already 49 years old. Although we rarely see her with any man in public places, her fans repeatedly search for her boyfriend. She never discloses her dating life in interviews or in any events.

Josie Davis Single

However, her social accounts point a different thing. We suspect that Davis is talking help of such accounts to hint us about her dating life. What she posted on her twitter accounts is quite confusing but we can understand how she is trying to explain.

Here is the tweet of her on the year 2013 April, in which she mentioned a guy. She also mentioned about the guy being her boyfriend. You can see the tweets below:



With these posts, we can say that she was in love back in that time. Wait, who might that guy be? She didn’t disclose the name!

Later in the year 2015 August, she again tweeted something interesting. In this tweet, she mentioned about how she ended up her previous relation and is planning to date a new guy!


From this tweet, we can say it for sure that she ended up love life with the previous guy she mentioned. She also tweeted about how hard she felt to go through the tragic breakup. Here, see the tweet for yourself:


Has Josie Davis Married Secretly?

From the look of her and her social accounts, we can say that she has not found her partner yet and is not married yet. Also there is no news regarding her wedding or partner whatsoever. Also, she might be looking for Mr. Perfect who would stay with her till the end.

We, Live Rumours team hope Josie to get her perfect partner soon and get married. To get updated about her, stay updated with us!