The 21st century is the digitalization era, as many youths manage to make a living on the internet. Isaac Naakash is undoubtedly someone who makes a list in the same category as a renowned Instagram personality. His influence over the online platform is massive, with over 406,000 followers. If that wasn’t enough, he is even a reputed YouTube star with over 1.31 million subscribers. So, today we take you to close with the net worth, career, and details regarding the dating history and girlfriend of Isaac Nakash.

Isaac Nakash’s Whopping Net Worth

Every youth who remains skeptical over starting a career as an actor should look up to the journey of Isaac Nakash. With a resounding journey in two of the top platforms like YouTube and Instagram, he not just rose to global fame but also garnered a staggering net worth. Specifically, he amasses a colossal net worth of $500,000 as of September 2020.

Isaac Nakash poses in a tennis court.
Isaac Nakash owns a net worth of $500,000. Source: Instagram

Isaac Nakash’s presence in online has been quite engaging and interactive for people to love it. Surprisingly, he is relatively less active on YouTube in recent times as he rarely posts content. According to estimates, he earns around $1,213.5 to $2,022.5 per year.

Isaac remains quite open about his daily affairs on his Instagram. Judging by its looks, he lives an adventurous lifestyle as he loves traveling around new places/ Furthermore, he is even conscious about his fitness as he works out on a regular basis.

Isaac Nakash’s Dating History With Girlfriend

Isaac Nakash poses a picture with ex-girlfriend Rachel Levin.
Isaac Nakash and Rachel Levin broke up in 2016. Source: Pinterest

Isaac Nakash might be a prominent internet star in recent times, but initially, he did struggle to get the hype. Interestingly, he gained a lot of following due to his romantic ties with fellow YouTuber Rachel Levin. His ex-girlfriend was already an established star when they started dating, which helped the American sensation to widen his horizons.

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Nakash and his former beau first started dating each other in 2013. When they were together, Isaac even achieved a personal and professional milestone reaching 20,000 followers on Instagram by his 18th birthday. The pair were a fan-favorite couple on the internet as they used to put a lot of cute videos and pictures together.

Isaac Nakash and his girlfriend Eden Dunn caught in the camera.
Isaac Nakash started dating Eden Dunn in 2017.

While many labeled them as inseparable in the past, Isaac Nakash and Rachel Levin failed to exceed the expectations as they broke up in 2016. Following that, Nakash started dating Eden Dunn in 2017, which made many of Rachel’s fans mad.

Quick Facts: Isaac Nakash

  • Nakash loves hanging out at the beach and the swimming pool.
  • He is a dog-loving person.
  • Isaac Nakash currently lives in Los Angeles.
  • He has over 300 posts on Instagram.
  • The internet star loves playing tennis in his free time.

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