Helene Udy is famous as Sylvia in the Canadian horror thriller movie Bloody Valentine’s Day (1981). Her other notable work includes Pick-up Summer (1980),  Pin(1988),  The Dead Zone (1983) and Hog Wild (1980).

The versatile actress has made a remarkable appearance in a handful of film and television series which amassed her good fortune. Well, what could be the figure of her net worth? Know more about her salary, earning and other facts.

Who is Helene Udy?

Helene Udy is an American-Britsih actress, screenwriter, director, and line producer. Udy engaged in the acting field since childhood and professionally active entertainment industry debut film Hog Wild (1980).

The Star Trek: New Voyages (2007) actress also possess a keen interest in Physical Theater and expands her skills in all forms of a clown, comedian, grotesque and improve sketch comedy.

How Much Is Helene Udy’s Net Worth?

Helene Udy collects her hefty net worth of around $1 million gathered from her as an actress, screenplay, director and producer, clown and an Arealist.  She earns around $52 thousand per annum from her work on a big screen and $15 thousand to $25 thousand per episode as a television actress.

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The Albuquerque native actress works as a screenwriter and director for Nowhere Land (1990), Naked in the Cold Sun (1997), Duranhgo Pictures. Likewise, she makes money around $28.50 per hour as a screenwriter and anywhere between$250,000 and $500,000 per film director.

Helene Udy's Net Worth
Helene Udy’s has a net worth around $1 million as of 2019.
Source: The Movie Database

The Silver Spoons (1987) star acted as the co-producer for movies If Tomorrow Comes (2000), The Bliss (2006),  3 Billion and Counting (2010) and The Big Bad City (2013). She generates about $73,000 per year as line producer.

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Passively, Udy summons around $23.25 to $38.75 from her Instagram ads posts and sponsors. Additionally, she draws cash anywhere between $0.03 to $0.48 and $0.36 to $6 on a monthly and yearly basis.

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The lady also adds her riches from her children entertainment company, create a kids party since 1990. Additionally, she also associates as a group member of The Actors Company and Post Sound Mixers.

As of 2019, busy in her profession and occupied by various movie project.  Some of her recent projects include Fading Flowers, Red Carpet, Vampyr, The Krampus Carol, Running with Fear, Knight’s End, Death Care and so on.

Has Helene Udy Married?

Helene Udy is possibly not married till date. The actress has been pretty successful in keeping her personal life out of the media radar. Hence, her relationship status and personal life are out of focus for now.

A brief look forms her social sites a good bonding her male friends but didn’t announce anyone as her partner. As of now, 57 years old actress is a workaholic person and far away from remaining in committed affairs.

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The actress is now accompanied by dog breed Bon Dimanche dogs and white mouse. She is a very athletic personality and enjoys race car driving, martial arts, aerial silk, hand- to -hand balancing, and circus arts performing “clowny” things.

Helene Udy’s Body Measurements

The gorgeous lady Helene Udy stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 52 kg. The evergreen beauty has light brown eyes and blonde hair.

Quick Facts About Helene Udy

How old is Helene Udy?

57 years old

How tall is Helene Udy?

5 feet 1 inch

How much does Helene Udy weigh?

52 kg

What is Helene Udy’s zodiac sign?


Who are Helene Udy’s parents? 

John Udy  and  Mya Pilpoul

Who is Helene Udy’s sibling? 

Claudia Udy

What is Helene Udy’s nationality?

American and British

What is Helene Udy’s ethnicity?

Mixed (British and Egyptian/Isreali)

Which languages can Helene Udy speak?

English and French