If there weren’t luck involved Liv Boeree would win every time. Boeree is a proficient poker player who plays hard to win all her games.

Liv Boeree is a professional poker player who won various championship and tournaments and made good earnings. Read ahead to know which tournaments she won and how much she gained as rewards.

Liv Boeree Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Liv Boeree holds an estimated net worth of $4 million. Boeree summoned her fortune from her career as a professional poker player, television presenter, and a writer. The player won various poker tournaments which significantly raised her net worth.

Liv Boeree Net Worth
Liv Boeree
Source: CardsChat

Boeree started her career from the Ultimate Poker Showdown in 2005. Later in 2008, she placed first in the Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship and won $30 thousand as rewards.

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The poker player also swept the 2010 European Poker Tour main event and won 1.25 million as a reward. Similarly, She also conquested the event “$10000 Tag Team No Limit Hold’em Championship’ and won $273,964 from the event.

She finished third in the EPT Barcelona High Roller Event in 2015 and won $391,000. The former European Poker champion also won other many championships. She bagged over $3.5 million as winning prizes from various tournaments.

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In addition, Boeree is also the co-founder of the organization ‘Raising for Effective Giving’ founded in 2014. The organization has an approach to philanthropy related to effective altruism. Her organization was able to raise $6 million for its supported charities.

Last but not least, Boeree also earns $380 to $633 per post as social media endorsements from Instagram. So far, she posted over 537 times and has over 95k followers.

Liv Boeree Personal Life: Who Is She Dating?

Liv Boeree is currently dating her professional partner Igor Kurganov since 2014. Her boyfriend Kurganov is also a professional poker player. They first met during a poker event in 2014.

Liv Boeree Boyfriend
Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov
Source: PokerStars

Boeree also had a short encounter with the American singer Sully Erna. Erna and Boeree met at the poker program in 2008 and started dating in December 2009. The ex-couple’s relationship lasted only for a month.

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She was also secretly dating poker player Kevin Macphee. They first met at the NAPT Bounty Shoutout in Los Angeles and became friends. Later they started dating after MacPhee attended Boeree’s family event in Prague.

Facts About Live Boeree

What is the birth name of Liv Boeree?

Olivia Boeree

Where is the birthplace of Liv Boeree?

Maidstone, Kent, UK

How old is Liv Boeree?

34 years old

What is the birth sign of Liv Boeree?


What is the nationality of Liv Boeree?


How tall is Liv Boeree?

5 feet 10 inches

What is the color of Boeree’s eyes?


Where did Boeree graduate?

University of Manchester