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How good is the relationship between Giovanna Yannotti and her children? Is she happy with her married life?

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What life gives you and what it takes back in return? It’s unforeseeable. Whatever grief it beholds, the love and compassion which we receive from the loved ones make all fade away. There are only a few people who get their love more inspirable. Among them, Giovanna Yannotti is the blessed one.

Actress “Giovanna Yannotti” who is known for her role in the movies “My Bloody Valentine,” “Death from Above,” “Unstoppable,” and “6 Souls,” is leading a happy life with her inamorato husband and dearest children.

Today, we are going to make you all familiar with the love life and married life of Giovanna:

Astonishing love and married life of Giovanna:

American Model “Giovanna Yannotti” is happily married to one of the most legendary professional wrestlers of all time, “Kurt Angle.” The beautiful couple got married on 20 July 2012. The couple had their wedding held at the hometown Pennsylvania, United States, and the wedding was attended by close friend and family members.

Caption: Musical tribute depiction of Kurt Angle’s wedding to Giovanna Yannott, re-edited by @antmaurizio, 29 October 2013.

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The couple met each other when Giovanna was casting for the movie “End Game” in 2009. In an Interview with Vince Russo, Giovanna said it was fate that she met with Kurt Angle. She was only doing a favor to her best friend’s dad, to act in the movie, as he called at the last minute because he was in need of an extra person on set.

Giovanna said:

And all of a sudden I saw Kurt walk in, big blue eyes. He was so handsome…I was just like, ‘I gotta have him.

The most surprising part is she didn’t even know the past of Kurt Angle at the time. She was unaware of his role with the WWE. Both of them liked each other at first sight but, none of them could express their feelings to each other. They were friends for a short period rather than dating each other. About their friendship, Giovanna said:

Through his rough times, I kept coming over his house and I kept checking on him,” she told Vince Russo. “He didn’t really want to leave the house, and I always kept coming over, and we watched movies for weeks. I was just always there for him.

Giovanna, 30, and Kurt, 48, had their first date at Arby’s.

Caption: Kurt and Giovanna are happy being with each other, 23 June 2014.

After dating for one year, the duo got engaged in April 2010. And finally, they turned their relationship status from single to married on 20 July 2012. Kurt had been married before with Karen Smedley and had two children with her: a son “Kody” and a daughter “Kyra.”

Kurt and Giovanna have three children together. They welcomed their first child “Giuliana Marie Angle” on January 22, 2011. She was born a year before from their wedding. The wedding was planned for 2011, but they had to push it back when Giovanna found she was pregnant.

They had their second child “Sophia Laine Angle” on December 31, 2012, just a few months after their wedding. Finally, Giovanna gave birth to her third child “Nikoletta Sky Angle” on November 5, 2016.

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Caption: Giovanna and Kurt’s three children altogether, 29 January 2015.

Caption: Kurt and Giovanna with their children, late night, 6 August 2015.

As the picture reveals everything, Giovanna has a fairy tale love life with beautiful children. We hope the relationship between these family members will always remain good.

Caption: Mr. Mcmahon announced “Kurt Angle” as new GM of RAW: Monday night RAW, 3 April 2017.

Recently, on 31 March, Kurt was welcomed into the WWE Hall of Fame. There was a rumor that Angle might become the new general manager of Monday Night Raw. And the good news is the rumor came true. Kurt Angle officially became new GM of RAW: Monday Night RAW. Have a look at this video:

Giovanna’s quick short bio:

Giovanna Yannotti was born on March 26, 1987,  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Giovanna ethnicity is half-Italian half-Mexican. Her birth sign is Aries. Giovanna has worked as a model before becoming an actress.

Giovanni has not revealed any information regarding her net worth but her husband “Kurt Angle” net worth is $25 million.

Stay with us to have an update about their further information!

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