Emily Procter has a blissful married life
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Bugs collecting actress, Emily Procter has a blissful married life. What about her boyfriend and affair in the past

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Emily Procter is a definition of beauty. She is of age 48 and is as beautiful as always. Her dating and married life made many couple envious. She is an actress and is famous in her field. But no matter a normal public or a famous celebrity, everyone has a crazy side, right? It is shocking to know what this famous actress does.

Guess what, she has a crazy hobby of collecting bugs. Well, that’s right collecting “bugs.” Yes, we all have a crazy side but this level of craziness is interesting huh! Let’s find out if this is the limit or does she have more craziness.

How crazy is Emily Procter married life?

We’ve known about the crazy hobby of Emily Procter, but what about her married life and relationships? Is it equally crazy or not? let us  find out.

Talking about the love life of Emily Procter, so far she has been in the relationship with one and only Paul Bryan. Paul Bryan is a musician. The actress and the musician are not married but are in a living relationship in the year 2008. They are till date together and have no issues in their married life so far.

The couple also welcomed their beautiful daughter in 2010. The name of her daughter is Phillipa Frances Bryan. This small and happy family are usually spotted together having a good time.

Emily+Procter+Paul+Bryan+Emily+Proctor with baby
Caption: Emily Procter’s small and happy family spending some happy time together with husband and daughter.

Picture source: zimbo.com

The couple also welcomed their beautiful daughter in 2010. The name of her daughter is Phillipa Frances Bryan. This small and happy family are usually spotted together having a good time.

Procter’s plastic surgery stories. Let us see the before and after differences!

When once in lime light anyone would love to show the best of them in public whether it is the skills they have or the appearance. In this case, plastic surgery is common. Many celebs go through it. Emily Procter is no different. Her plastic surgery news had hit the media.

As per sources, Emily Procter has undergone Botox injections, liposuction, cheek fillers and lip fillers. Yes, sometimes she looks amazing with the artificial beauty but people commented on this.

Caption: That smooth and shiny skin and fuller lips are all result of botox injection.

Photo Credit: CelebsAwe

There were many times Emily looked like she was wearing a mask due to extra smooth and shiny skin she achieved after Botox injection. Also, her lips looked extra plump and fuller after the surgery. People said it looked artificial.

Emily Procter’s Short Bio

Emily Procter was born on 8th October 1968. She has a brother Whit Procter. Both of them were adopted by William Procter and wife Barbara Procter. She has been part of “CIS Miami” for nine years.

Before her acting career she was a  weather reporter at a local television station. She was later promoted to crime reporter. You must have guessed about her educational background by now. Yes, she holds a degree in journalism and dance.

She is married to musician Paul Bryan. Before marriage no news of her boyfriend or any affair or dating was flashed. Her pregnancy news was all over media. She must have been on top of the world. She also showed off her baby bump many times in media.

Caption: Emily Procter showing off her baby bump. Her face shows how happy she was.

Photo Credit: hollywood life.com 

Talking about her children.  She has one daughter named Phillipa Frances Bryan. Her daughter is as pretty as she is.

This famous celeb is equally famous on twitter and Instagram as well. Emily earns a handsome amount from movies. Her net worth is $12 million

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