Behind every man is a successful woman and behind every successful woman is a man. What it tries to explain is that a man and a woman can achieve great things but if they have the support of one another, then they can attain even greater goals.

Gasia Mikaelian is a news personality and it won’t be wrong to say that the support of her partner has played a vital role in her present day success. Let us see who her support system is along with her wiki bio and net worth.

What is Gasia Mikaelian Relationship Status?

Gasia Mikaelian is in a married relationship with her husband, Paul Perez. The couple tied the knot in 2006. She married him at the age of 31 and they both are living happily together.

Although a news personality, there aren’t many details about her love life available. Her past remains a mystery and what we know is from the time of her marriage.

Though she married Perez, she opted not to change her last name to Perez and her husband supported her. She did consider changing her name to a professional level since Perez is easy to pronounce.

GarciaMeikaelian photo with her husband
Garcia Mikaelian with her husband Paul Parez Source:

She then decided not to change it as people knew her as Mikaelian. Since she lived with that name for 31 years, she chose to continue it, however, she often says that people call her Mrs.Paul Perez.

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The duo is living a content life without any rumors of breakups and extramarital affairs. They are going strong and trying to achieve the milestones of a marriage. The pair of lovers have two children named Tigran and Zavan and their arrival has added to the happiness of the family. Tigran was born in 2008 and Zavan in 2010.

After the birth of the kids, Gasia struggled to maintain focus at work and felt guilty for leaving the kids. After 6 months of hassles with nannies, the duo decided that Paul would stay home and take care of the kids.

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This showed how the lovers not only share good romantic chemistry but also have a supportive stance towards each other. The family of four prefers to keep their private life hidden and is enjoying life in a low-key manner.

Gasia Mikaelian Net Worth

Gasia Mikaelian garners the net worth from her career as a journalist but the exact amount of her fortune is unavailable. Along with her income, the details of her assets such as the value of her house, cars, and real estate remains to be made public.

She has been mustering her earnings as being the KTVU News Anchor since 21 March 2005.

YouTube: Gasia Mikaelian at KTVU News

According to sources, an estimated salary of a News Anchor at KTVU is $79,697 dollars, which ranges $56,558 to $122,146. From her first job as a reporter in Yuma, Arizona, her worth has seen a good growth though she prefers to live a simple life without luxuries.

She also worked as a reporter for KSWT in August in 1997 and for KSWT in Huntsville, Alabama from 1998 to 2000. She started working as the morning and noon anchor in San Diego at the age of 25.

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later KTVU hired her and she has been working there for more than a decade and is flourishing since 2005. Her hard work shines in her worth as it grows at a steady pace.

Quick Fact – As every other women out there, Gasia is also a shopping lover, that is, she loves to spend on clothes. On February 9, 2019, Gasia gave us a look into her wardrobe. Here’s the photo!

As of 2020, Gasia seems to have mustered a net worth of around $1.3 million.

Gasia Mikaelian Wiki-Bio

Gasia Mikaelian came to life on 7 April 1975 in the greater bay area. Her Armenian parents raised her in Livermore, California, USA. She holds an Armenian nationality and belongs to Armenian-American ethnicity.

Gasia went to Las Politas school at the insistence of her parents and took all the writing course there. She then completed her education from Mendenhall Middle School. She then joined the San Diego University with the intention of being a radio broadcaster.

Quick Facts of Gasia Mikaelian

  • Her name means Cinnamon. 
  • She is Armenian-American. 
  • Her last name is pronounced, MEE-ky-ELL-yahn. 
  • She loves writing and reading and talking. 

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