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In the entertainment world, celebrities often are famous because of their personal lives. Their real world is entirely different than the On-screen world where they execute their acting skills and talent following the script’s demand. Some of them even like to spice up the news network with their random stuff. But celebrities like Gaite Jansen has herself dipped down into her movies and has kept her life elegant and straightforward.

Unlike others, Dutch actress Gaite Jansen isn’t that thirsty for fame and popularity. However, she sometimes pleases her fans with some eye-pleasing pictures with her boyfriend. Fans who once dreamed of being a dating partner for the beautiful actress are now eager to know more about the dating affair and her boyfriend. If you are one of them, you better scroll down.

Gaite Jansen Dating: Who is Her Boyfriend?

Being someone who believes in hard work and sheer dedication in whatever she does, actress Gaite Jansen deserves a great appreciation from the critics for her outstanding performances. She knows well to connect with her fans who are eager to know her boyfriend.

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Gaite Jansen often shares romantic pictures with her boyfriend, making her fans jealous of her dating partner. She is enjoying a happy dating relationship with her boyfriend, Mees Peijnenburg who is a filmmaker. Peijnenburg worked in numerous Dutch films and TV series and still continues his profession.

Though Jansen does not reveal much about their relationship, she leaves people stunned by posting some of their adorable pictures on her Instagram page.

Gaite Jansen began posting pictures with her boyfriend, Mees from the year 2016. She and Mess can be seen hugging and kissing each other in a couple of pictures on her Instagram.


A post shared by Gaite Jansen (@gaitejansen) on

Caption: Dutch actress Gaite Jansen is kissing her boyfriend, Mess Peijnenburg.

Jansen even shared a picture of her boyfriend, Mess on 2018’s Valentine Day with a heart emoji and tagged Mees.

❤ @meespeijnenburg

A post shared by Gaite Jansen (@gaitejansen) on

Caption: Gaite Jansen’s boyfriend, Mees Peijnenburg.

The duo is still strong after over 2 years of their dating relationship, representing themselves as a healthy couple bonded with pure love.

Is Gaite Jansen Married? 

Though the couple seems to be inseparable, actress Gaite Jansen Mees are yet to walk down the aisle together. She does not even talk about her plan on getting married to him. At present, she likes to stay by his side and flaunt love life on Instagram, but it’s yet to see whether Mees will be Gaite Jansen’s husband too.

Gaite Jansen Career; Movies & TV Shows!

Gaite Jansen started her acting classes when she was only 6 years old. By the time she reached 15, she was already into sets of short-films. Furthermore, she also joined a drama academy when she was 18. Eventually, Gaite was accepted by two drama colleges in The Netherlands. Later, she went to Maastricht Theatre Academy to translate her dreams into reality.

Gaite was fond of acting from her childhood. Once, she mentioned in one of her interviews:

 “I remember watching Sesame Street and desperately wanting to be the people in it.’

Gaite Jansen career, movies, TV shows, net worth, peaky blinders
Caption: Dutch actress Gaite Jansen as Princess Tatiana Petrovna in the BBC’s Peaky Blinders.

Picture credit: Pinterest

Furthermore, Gaite was nominated for Best Actress category for her outstanding character as a deaf teenager in the drama 170Hz at the Netherlands Film Festival. She gives a remarkable contribution to uplift her Holland movie Industry to the level of the global platform. In the year 2016, Gaite landed a role in BBC period drama Peaky Blinders as Princess Tatiana Petrovna. The show played a huge role in further fueling her popularity. Moreover, in a television series Line of Duty, she played the role Hana Reznikova in 2017.

Gaite Jansen Net worth

As Gaite Jansen is one of the high-profile young actresses of her age, her net worth is comparatively higher. She always stands out and proves herself as one of the most deserving actresses of her generation. She acted in more than 15 movies and several TV series which earned her an impressive net worth.

Gaite Jansen does not want to reveal her net worth, however, we hope she will quench our thirst one day.  So, stay tuned to us; we will update you on Gaite Jansen’s net worth soon!


Gaite Jansen Wiki Facts

Gaite Jansen was born on December 25, 1991, in Rotterdam, Netherland. Her real name is Gaite Sara Kim Jansen. Their parents raised her and her brother with lots of care, however, she does not share much about her family.

Gaite is as tall as Gemma Arterton with a height of 1.7 m and weighs around 53 kg but there is no reliable source about her weight. Her regular brown hair perfectly matches her brown eyes and white complexion.

Gaite Jansen Social Media

Gaite who is celebrating her 27th birthday on the 25th of this month is also active in different social networks. She is active both on Instagram and on Twitter.

More than 25.2k people follow her on Instagram where out of her 284 posts, people liked her 11.4k times. Likewise, she is obviously more famous than any ordinary person on Twitter, however, compared to Timothy Heller, she is less famous because only 4.2k people follow her though she created the account on May 15, 2009.