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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn as Salary?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is one popular name in media. She is one of the highest paid TV stars who built her career as media person in short period of time. In the USA alone, she is taken as gorgeous TV star who won more awards than any other TV stars. Being so, it makes us more curious about her total net worth and salary. Her net worth is considerably higher as she is also a designer and writer. Today, we shall cover Elisabeth Hasselbeck net worth and salary in this article!

Earnings: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth and Salary

As mentioned earlier, she falls on the list of top paid TV stars in the USA. Thus, we can think her net worth to be in million. Her actual net worth as of 2017 is $12 million. She is able to make up such a huge amount because she is anchor along with being designer and author.

If we to talk about Elisabeth’s annual salary, it also counts on a million. In an average, her annual salary counts $1 million. The best part and more interesting part is that if we combine the salary of both husband and wife, i.e. Elisabeth’ and Tim Hasselbeck’s salary, it would be the record of being wealthiest celebrity couple in the USA.

Hasselbeck’s husband, Tim is one of the richest people as per Forbes 2016. Their net worth also includes their house in Connecticut which was priced at $4 million in the year 2015. Before living in this house, she was living in another house which was priced for $3.3 million in the year 2012. Her previous house was located in Upper West.

Elisabeth’s Career and Achievements

Before entering into media profession as media star, Elisabeth worked as designer head for the world popular Puma shoes. But, when she was offered to appear in the TV show ‘Survivor’, her interest grew up for the TV series and show. When she finished her show, she was also offered for being co-host in the show named ‘The View’.

After signing in for ‘The View’, she worked as co-host for 10 years and for that, she was awarded ‘Emmy Award for Outstanding Host.’ As she gained more than 10 years of experience, she was offered to be co-host for ‘Fox and Friends.’ She worked for exactly two years and then left. In 2013, she joined FOX network as news presenter and left the network in the year 2015.

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Talking about her career as designer, she is one of the great. Before joining as TV presenter, she was Puma designer, and she also worked as judge for ‘Miss Teen USA’ in the year 2001. It must be her interest and sense in fashion.