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David Boreanaz and Ingrid Quinn Divorce: What Was The Real Reason? What is She Doing Now?

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Much of celebrity husband and wife end up their married life sooner, some because of misunderstanding and some because of extra marital affair. Ingrid Quinn, well known social worker then also ended her married life with David Boreanaz who is well known actor. The reason of their split was known to few. Today we will be discussing about the real reason behind David Boreanaz and Ingrid Quinn Divorce and what is she doing now!

David Boreanaz and Ingrid Quinn Married Life

Ingrid and David were stated to be dating in 1994. The real place where they first met is still not disclosed. Both shared love life for 3 years and married in 1997. Back then, David was well known as producer cum actor and Ingrid was well known for social works.

The duo shared married life for not long. Just after two years of marriage, in 1999, they split. The real reason behind their divorce was not known to all; we will discuss that below. As they didn’t have any children, it was easier for them to split up.

Ingrid Quinn before Divorce with David Boreanaz

Boreanaz and Ingrid Quinn Divorce: What Was The Reason?

There are two main reasons among all behind divorce in most of cases. It’s either because of misunderstanding or because of jealousy. Being over-possessive towards partner might sometime end the relationship too. That was the exact reason for which Ingrid Quinn divorce for.

According to Angel Fire, Ingrid was spying on her spouse David and the co-casts. Although Quinn was supportive and always had faith in her husband, she changed her mind because of seeing her husband too close to someone. Moreover, Ingrid frequently visited the set to manage her husband get away from the suspicious person. The name of the female cast is not disclosed though.

It is still not clear whether Boreanaz did betrayed her or not, but the suspicion led their happily married life to an end.

What is Ingrid Quinn Doing Now?

Ingrid Quinn came to popularity only after being spouse of David Boreanaz. Before that, she was just a social worker who was able to struggle through her career.

After divorce with David in 1999, he remarried Jaime Bergman. As for Ingrid, she didn’t come to media and news after divorce. We are speculating her to be continuing social work. Whatever she is doing now, we wish her best of luck for future.

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